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New online Education, Health and Care (EHC) Hub on its way!

A new online tool is currently being developed that will give young people, families and practitioners live access to the progress of an EHC Needs Assessment. Once live, the EHC Hub will allow the progress of an assessment and any information and advice submitted to be tracked at any time.

As part of its development, the tool is currently being tested with a small number of families and professionals. The testing has helpfully identified areas that require further development, which we will be working on over the coming few months. We hope to be able to launch the EHC Hub for all EHC needs assessments Spring 2019.

Key features of the EHC Hub will be:

  • Young people and families will be able to submit their views online and upload additional information, including photographs and images that are important to the child or young person
  • Practitioners will be able to submit information and advice online avoiding any unnecessary delays with the delivery of paper-based reports
  • Young people and families will be able to view who has been asked for information and advice and can let the Local Authority know if someone has recently become involved
  • Young people and families will be able to view information and advice at the same time as the Local Authority receives it
  • Correspondence between the Local Authority and the young person and family will be held on the EHC Hub so decisions are shared immediately
  • When a draft EHC Plan is issued, young people and families can give feedback via the EHC Hub on each section.

Once all EHC Needs Assessments are being processed through the EHC Hub, we will be looking to test the use of the EHC Hub for annual reviews of EHC Plans. 

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