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Speech, Language and Communication Outreach Service

The Education Outreach Service for Speech, Language and Communication (SLCN)  provide advice and support to primary and secondary schools.

We are part of the Communication and Interaction Service within the Specialist Education Service.

The children and young people who are referred to the Service have additional needs in speech, language and communication, and this is likely to be affecting their learning in school. The children may experience difficulty expressing themselves verbally, understanding language and following instructions. Their communication needs may be affecting their ability to make friends and take a full part in school life.

We support colleagues in schools to understand how SLCN can affect a child’s progress across the curriculum and their social inclusion. We do this through speaking to school staff, parents and the child him/herself, observing how the child learns and responds in different situations, both in the classroom and in unstructured times during the school day.

We are able to offer advice and support in creating a communication-friendly environment with good practice at its heart. We model strategies and approaches that support the inclusion of children and young people with SLCN and deliver introductory training in SLCN as well as in specific areas such as listening skills, social communication groups or vocabulary building.

Schools can refer to the Service using the Inclusion Service Referral Form.

For a more detailed overview of the Service, please refer to the Service Specification.

Contact details

Caroline Wells Head of Service:  caroline.wells2@suffolk.gov.uk - one page profile

Lucy Parker, Specialist Outreach Teacher (North): lucy.parker@suffolk.gov.uk

Rosemary Kelly, Specialist Outreach Teacher (South): rosemary.kelly@suffolk.gov.uk

Stacey-Marie Banthorpe – Specialist Outreach Teacher (South): stacey-marie.banthorpe@suffolk.gov.uk

Alex Baker – Specialist Outreach Teacher (West): alex.baker@suffolk.gov.uk

Amy Webb - Specialist Outreach Teacher (West): Amy.Webb@suffolk.gov.uk

Resources for families

Please find below some resources and fun family activities to support your child's speech, learning and communication development at home:

Small Talk

Small Talk is a booklet produced by the Communication Trust that provides information about how children learn to talk and listen, and what parents and carers can do to help children develop in this area. Download the Small Talk booklet here.

Raa Raa's Top Tips

Join Raa Raa The Noisy Lion and develop your child's communication skills (roaring optional!) with these top tips from the Communication Trust. 

Download Raa Raa's Top Tips here

'Repetition with Raa Raa' activities

'Retelling with Raa Raa' activities

'Rhyming with Raa Raa' activities

'Rhythm with Raa Raa' activities

Listen Up Postcards

It isn't easy to see and recognise what happens beneath the surface of children's communication. Being able to listen, pay attention, play and understand are the fundamental building blocks of communication. Download these pre-school activity postcards from the Communication Trust to help you develop your child's communication skills.

Just One Norfolk 

Visit the website for information and resources if you have concerns about your child's health, wellbeing or development. 


Events and training

Language Games to Play at Home

We are delighted to be working with SENDIASS to deliver a short series of relaxed online coffee mornings/evenings for parent/carers of children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

The next dates are: TBC

Makaton Signing for Babies (MSB)

Makaton Signing for Babies (MSB) is for parents, family members or carers who would like to sign with babies and children in their care and have no previous experience of Makaton. These free sessions are designed for you and your child to have fun and learn together.


Makaton Signing for Babies training is a series of 6 sessions designed to encourage the development of communication and language skills in babies and toddlers. All the sessions are fun and interactive for you and your child. You will learn approximately 100 signs and symbols using songs, games and activities.


6 sessions – 1 hour per session.


Dates TBC


Virtually with Microsoft Teams. You will need a tablet or device with a camera and microphone.

For more information and to request a place please email Lucy.millard@suffolk.gov.uk


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