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Day centres and lunch clubs

Day centres

Day centres are run by a variety of providers and offer a range of services, often including meals, activities and outings. Some may cater for people with disabilities or special needs, and some may require an assessment of your physical needs.

List of day centres in Suffolk Use the filters down the side of this page to find what's in your area. 

Care UK runs day care clubs which are open to anyone at several of its homes in Suffolk.  

Some people may be eligible for help with costs. Please see our page on  Assessment for more information.

Lunch clubs

Many organisations hold coffee mornings and lunch clubs, where you can meet friends, have a meal, and often enjoy other activities such as visiting speakers, games and quizzes.

Age UK Suffolk runs Food n Friends clubs which meet in a volunteer’s home on a regular basis for a simple home cooked meal. A club usually consists of 1 or 2 volunteers and 4 to 6 older people. If you would to know if there is a Food n Friends club in your area, please call 01473 359911.

Some day time activities and social clubs offer help with transport, but you can also find out about  public and community transport.

Updated December 2016

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