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ADHD and Autism


This page provides information about where to find support for ADHD and autism.

Support Services

For advice for parents and carers seeking support and diagnosis, go to:

East and West Suffolk Support Services:

East and West Suffolk Neurodevelopmental Pathway 

Suffolk Local Offer website

Lowestoft and Waveney Support Services:

Norfolk County Council Local Offer website for advice for parents seeking assessments for neurodevelopmental conditions. 

Families can also contact Just One Norfolk or call 0300 300 0123. The Just One Norfolk website is the ‘go to’ health website for Norfolk and Waveney families. 

Essex Support Services:

North East Essex Neurodevelopmental Pathway

What do professionals mean when they mention  Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a term used by mental health professionals which refers to how some people's brains work in different ways.

"20% of the adult population in the UK are neurodiverse (according to TheBrainCharity.org.uk) and this is a growing population as more people are getting diagnosed as neurodiverse."

These differences in how some people's brains work may mean they are diagnosed with neurological conditions such as autism, dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Free Childhood Neurodiversity Workshops to support parent and carers:

NSFT Psycology in Schools Team deliver a range of free childhood Neurodiversity virtual workshops for parents and carers to help them with advice and guidance on how to support neurodiverse children and young people. To book on to a workshop go to the Wellbeing Education Website family page 
You can also follow pre-recorded workshops on the NSFT Youtube Channel and watch at your own pace.

Below we have included some recent childhood neurodiversity workshop recordings that parents and carers may find useful.

Video caption: Childhood Neurodiversity: Supporting Language and Communication


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