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Inclusion Service Team Update

As part of our response to the SEND inspection, the Inclusion Service has reorganised the way it works, effective from 1 April 2018.

The service, led by Judith Mobbs, Assistant Director for Inclusion and Skills, is now organised as follows:

SEND Development and Delivery - Family Services led by SEND Manager (Family Services) Tracy Winwood,

Including EHCPs, managed moves and alternative provision, assessment and pupil progress.

Key Working Consultant - Helen Stanley,


Psychology and Therapeutic Services led by Service Lead/Principal Educational Psychologist Claire Darwin

Including work of Educational Psychology Service and Counselling & Therapeutic Service


SEND Assessment and Progress led by SEND Manager (Assessment & Progress) Hannah Stewart

All aspects of assessment and progress for children and young people with SEND, including specialist admissions and SEND panel processes.


Specialist Education Outreach Services led by Jan Welsh,

Bringing together all our specialist services that support settings including the County Inclusion Support Service, Dyslexia Outreach, Sensory & Communication Service and our Alternative Tuition.

SEND Manager (Specialist Services) - Greer Hill,

Assistant Headteachers CISS - Ian Wickson, & Jennifer Allkins,

Head of Alternative Tuition Service - Diane Knights,

County Lead Teacher for Dyslexia - Nicky Wilde,


SEND Strategy and Commercial Services led by Nathan Jones, 

Leading on strategy and policy for SEND, including all aspects of provider relationships and development of specialist provision, commissioning and contracting, high needs funding and finance, local offer communications and SEND data and intelligence.

SEND Operations Manager - Paula Benneworth,

Provider Development & Performance Manager (SEND) - Jamie Mills,

Inclusion service structure chart July 2018

Inclusion Services Brochure

The Inclusion Services Brochure has been designed to help schools and other education providers with a quick, easy guide to accessing services within the Inclusion Service. 

We hope you find the information within this brochure useful.

Download the brochure.

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