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Do you need help to get online?

Welcome to our Digital Help Page!

Do you need some support to get online?  We have put together information from local and national providers to find the help and support you need to get online.

You can find some general help by clicking on our 'Help on Suffolk Infolink' button OR click the sections listed below to find out more about the support on offer for particular topics.

CommuniTEA Digital Workshops

Free monthly sessions for individuals to gain skills, self-confidence to be more independent in managing their health, wellbeing and reducing digital isolation by accessing online services. The aim of the project is to give advice, information, and support around digital access.

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Become a Digital Champion

Can you help your community?

Do you have a few hours spare each month?

Do you have the enthusiasm for supporting others to make the most out of getting online?

You will have access to the Digital Unite web-based learning platform that trains, supports and provides resources for Digital Champions

As a Digital Champion you will support individuals/groups to build their confidence and knowledge with using Digital Technology, these skills will help them adapt to the changing world and can assist in removing barriers such as loneliness. 

Being a Digital Champion is also an exciting opportunity for you personally to improve your own digital skills and experience. View the role description here


Where to access devices and the internet?
  • Suffolk Libraries

All Suffolk libraries offer free Wi-Fi and you can book a computer at all Suffolk libraries and Suffolk record offices for 2 hours. You can book this service online through Using library computers .

Some of the Suffolk Libraries also offer a 3 week iPad/tablet loaning service, if you would like to access this service, please check Suffolk Libraries and see if you qualify.

  • The Youth Booth 

The Youth Booth Saxmundham is a drop-in centre for young people providing a range of services including devices and internet and sessions that take place specifically targeting certain area.

The Youth Booth provides more information regarding the various sessions.

Do you need some In person support?
  • Suffolk Libraries

Various Suffolk Libraries holds weekly drop-in session and learn how to use laptops, tablets and mobile phones. From downloading apps to changing your security settings, learn new things and build your confidence with using technology at this helpful session for all.

To look into the sessions further check out Computer and IT courses.

  • Realise Futures- Suffolk Adult Learning 

Realise futures holds free programmes across Suffolk with Computer Skills for beginners courses for anyone whom wants to be enrolled.

To look into these programmes further check out Realise Futures website.

  • West Suffolk College 

West Suffolk College is a further education college which offers a variety of Computer skill courses for various skill levels and what you may prioritise. 

To learn more about what they offer go to Computer Skills.

  • Digital Skills Events- Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils

They run a range of different events to help people get online and develop their digital skills.

To  find more information and how to sign up, go to Digital Skills Events.

If you, or someone else requires any assistance in attending online courses, please get in touch by calling 0300 1234 000 (Option 7) or contact the Digital Skills Team.


Do you need help with broadband/WI-FI?
  • East Suffolk Free Wi-Fi 

East Suffolk Council provides a service of free Wi-Fi in certain public area zones locate throughout East Suffolk.

Check if your area can access the Wi-Fi and how to access the Wi-Fi through the East Suffolk Free Wi-Fi website.

  • Sim Card programme- Stowmarket 

A Sim Card programme is provided in Stowmarket through your local libraries for residents unable to connect to the internet.

Application process dependants on a number of factors so contact your local libraries on whether they provide this service.

  • Good Things Foundation- National Databank

Good Things Foundation can provide access to free mobile data for up to 12 months.

To see if you qualify apply on the Good things foundation website through The National Databank.

  • Simpal

Simpal offers free, 6 month pre-paid SIM cards including 20G data per month and also providing  phones when available, for people living with cancer, disadvantaged by poor health, or digital poverty, in the UK.

Apply for support through the SimPal website today, for yourself on behalf of others.

  • Ofcom 

Find social tariffs for your phone and broadband with Ofcom's table of providers offering discounts.

Social tariffs are cheaper broadband and phone packages for people claiming Universal Credit, Pension Credit and some other benefits 

  • TV Licence

The Government offers free TV licenses to over 75's and concessions to blind and disabled in residential homes.

To apply for this programme go to TV licence.

Do you need help accessing online courses?
  • The Digital Journey

The Digital Journey is a section of the Babergh website designed to help residents across our districts get online. We want to help all our residents access and enjoy the benefits that the internet can provide.

Check out The Digital Journey through Digital Journey » Babergh Mid Suffolk website.

  • Learn Barclays Digital learning Courses

Barclays offers free digital online learning courses aimed at enhancing digital skills and knowledge with flexible hours and to check it out further Digital wings website.

  • SANS- Upskill in Cyber Programme

SANS Institute offers a few free online courses which target upskilling in IT skills for a full time course with tutors available to students.

If you are interested in the programme check out Cyber Programme Course website.

  • Learn my way

Learn my way provides free online courses covering a wide range of topics, including cybersecurity, coding, digital marketing, data analytics, and more.

If you would like to check out more on these courses go to the Learn My Way website.

  • iDEA

With iDEA, participants can collect points for each module that they complete. These points contribute towards Bronze, Silver and Gold industry-recognised awards that can be added to your CV.

If iDEA looks interesting look out on the iDEA.

  • Digital Garage

The Google Digital Garage offers over 100 flexible online courses on various subjects. Google grants certification upon completion of the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course.

If you are interested in these courses check out Digital Garage.

  •  Purple Beard - AWS Cloud Computing 

Purple Beard offers a AWS Cloud Bootcamp Discovery Workshop is a free, 2-hour event teaching AWS cloud computing skills and various cloud computing services with our Amazon Approved Instructor.

To learn more about this course check out AWS Cloud Computing Course.

Where could you find grants for devices?
  • Disability Grants

   Digital Grants is a website showing the various grants you can apply for regarding various situations.

          Look through Computer and Assistive Technology Grants and see what you can qualify for.

  • Ann Beaumont's Educational Foundation

    The foundation provides financial assistance to help pay for course books, equipment and travel to school, college or university.

    To apply: contact Mrs Rose Welham, Email: rosewelham55@aol.com

  • Royal National Institute of Blind people Technology Grant

   RNIB is able to offer grants to UK residents who are registered blind or partially sighted and receive a means tested benefit such as Income Support, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit.

   If you require any assistive technology, computer access technology or are interested in knowing whether you qualify contact RNIB.

  • ARCOS (the Association for Rehabilitation of Communication and Oral Skills)

   ARCOS is a national charity supporting children and adults with communication and eating (swallowing) difficulties. They also offers a free equipment loan service for trial, loan and rent of items such as augmentative and alternative communication aids and switches for computer access.

          Check out arcos to see if you can apply for these services.

  • The Janki Saye Foundation

   The Janki Saye Foundation provides grants to fund assistive technologies which can transform the lives of people with disabilities and special needs across the UK.

          Apply for a grant on jankisaye.

Would you like to help?
  • Plug The Gap

Plug the Gap Services is dedicated to closing the digital divide. 

Could you provide free training; give pro bono support or consultancy time or donate old or surplus IT equipment? 

If you would like to donate, contact Plug the Gap today. 


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