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Health Check Campaign 14 - 25 years

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Did you know that if you are aged 14 and over and have a learning disability, you can ask your doctor for an Annual Health Check?

Parents and carers of young people aged from 14 to 25 with learning disabilities are being encouraged to make sure they undergo an annual health check with their GP.

Annual health checks can help ensure they stay fit and enjoy good mental wellbeing, as well as identifying any problems early so they can be treated more quickly.

Every parent or carer of a young person aged 14-25 with a learning disability is being encouraged to make them an appointment for a free, yearly health check at their local surgery.

The check offers a thorough assessment of their wellbeing including checking weight, heart and blood pressure and taking blood and urine samples.

There will be an opportunity to check on any ongoing health issues, such as diabetes or asthma, as well as talk over any physical or mental wellbeing concerns, so they can be referred to other organisations for help and support.

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