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Accessing and engaging in work, training, education or volunteering

If you are looking for job vacancies there are many specialist websites you can look at. You can also access many local and national newspapers online or read them at your local library.

Returning to work

all have information and advice on getting into or returning to work, as well as improving your skills and job prospects. 

Help with moving from benefits to work can be found on the website.

Carers UK have advice on returning to work from a careers point of view.

If you are returning to work after mental health issues information can be found on the NHS choices website. 

Learning opportunities
There are plenty of learning opportunities in Suffolk:

You can also study from home through organisations like:

Open University 

or through an Online Course.

You may be able to get a grant or bursary to help with the costs of certain courses.

Volunteering gives you a chance to get involved in your local community, share a knowledge or skill, or give you valuable experience which could help you into paid employment.


Saved searches for services and organisations on InfoLink


Help to find work, or support if you cannot work

Learning centres

Education, training or skills courses and workshops

Supported employment

Support for adults with disabilities


Find out about volunteering opportunities

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