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Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments and Annual Reviews: documentation and guidance | Community Directory

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Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments and Annual Reviews: documentation and guidance


An Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment can be requested by parents, carers, teachers or any other professional involved with a child or young person; they can also be requested by a young person over the age of 16. You can read more information about EHC assessments and plans here.

The drop down menus below provide links to many of the forms and guidance documents used as part of these assessments, as well as the forms and guidance used for Annual Reviews once an EHC Plan has been issued.



Request for assessment and advice forms for EHC needs assessment

Forms for annual review of an education health and care plan

Annual Reviews

Annual Review for an EHCP Year 8 and below Last updated: 11/11/2019

Annual Review for an EHCP Year 9 and above Last updated: 11/11/2019

Moving into adulthood plan Last updated 06/10/2020

Example 1 Moving into Adulthood Plan and One Page Profile

Example 2 Moving into Adulthood Plan and One Page Profile

'This is me' One Page Profile template Last updated 19/12/2019

Please find below two versions of the Family's View Form. Families can choose which version they would like to complete prior to the Annual Review; they both contain the same questions but are set out in different ways. This form should be attached to the completed Annual Review form and returned to the Local Authority.

Family's View Form (Version 1) Last updated: 01/06/2015

Family's View Form (Version 2) Last updated: 01/06/2015