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This page provides information about anxiety, and where to go for advice and support.

Overview of anxiety

  • Anxiety can make you feel worried, nervous, tense, restless or scared.
  • It can cause physical symptoms such as a racing heartbeat, sweating, trembling, panic attacks and stomach aches.
  • It is normal for us to feel anxious at times, but if you feel anxious all or most of the time, and are avoiding doing things that might trigger anxiety, to the point that it is impacting your work, relationships and daily routine then you should seek support.
  • Many people recover or can learn ways to cope with anxiety with some support.

Watch the Anxiety NHS video below for further details about anxiety.

Click the drop down boxes below which will navigate you to further information and where to get support. 

I am an adult looking for support

How to find support:

Speak to someone you trust

  • You may find it helpful to talk to your partner, a relative or a friend about your problems. If this is not possible, talk to someone else you can trust, like a faith leader or a tutor, or try a helpline like Anxiety UK

Look for a safe online community that offers peer to peer support

Speak to your GP

Speak to Suffolk Wellbeing Service

Speak to Suffolk Mind

Speak to the Samaritans who offer free emotional support 24 hours a day - in full confidence.

  • Call 116 123 

Find other support from this list of Anxiety Organisations and Local Support Services

I am a parents/carer looking for support

How to find support:

If your child or young person is struggling with anxious feelings, please go to our 'Anxiety in Children and Young People' advice page.

You can find further advice about anxiety, or support if you are a parent/carer who lives in Lowestoft and Waveney, from the Just One Norfolk Website.

Anxiety workshops:

Book a place on a parent carer workshop focusing on managing anxiety

I am a young person looking for support

How to find support:

  • Talk to a GP or someone you trust. 

  • Contact the Emotional Wellbeing Hub (For young people living in East and West Suffolk) Or Just One Service (For young people in Lowestoft and Waveney). 

  • If you're 16 or over, you can refer yourself to The Wellbeing Service

  • Get online counselling and peer support from Kooth 

  • Go to The Source website for sources of information and support on health and a range of topics that are important to young people in Suffolk
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