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Be Well, Feel Well blog: Privacy – October

October is Privacy: 

As nice as it is to feel that we are members of community groups, it’s also important to take time out for ourselves. Having privacy and time alone allows us to reflect, learn from experience and decide what is important to us.

Making some "me time"

Many people get their need for privacy met when they are travelling to and from work. It’s not always easy, however, when it comes to juggling busy lives, raising a family or when things are hectic at work.

Top tips -Take 10 minutes for yourself

Did you know stopping and taking 10 minutes out of each day can have a positive impact on your life? Just 10 minutes a day of quiet time to yourself increases your brain power, helping you feel calm and think more clearly.

    1. Think about how you can plan 10 - 20 minutes to yourself each day, free from interruptions, maybe in a park, or in a quiet room.
    2. Practise a relaxation exercise like 7/11 breathing, or just to let your mind wander and reflect on the next step to improve how you meet needs.
    3. Go to bed at a regular time to give yourself a good night’s sleep, and then to get up a little earlier and have some time to yourself.
    4. Sit in the garden or go for a walk, or just enjoy a morning coffee with some peace and quiet
    5. Take time away from your desk at lunchbreaks, including a break from your phone – it can work wonders for your wellbeing
    6. For families in a busy household, you could also consider agreeing a place in the house where you know you can have some time alone. Alternatively, go for a walk for some fresh air and time to yourself.

Suffolk Mind

What does it mean to have Privacy in our lives

The Value of Space

Why do we value space? And why do we need a space to call our own? When we become stressed, nature is trying to speak to us. Nature is telling us that our emotional needs require attention: perhaps to feel safe and in control of our lives, to feel connected to others and to belong to communities or to have purpose or privacy.

Space can be the place where me meet emotional needs or think about how to meet them. But the wrong kind of space can stop us from meeting needs. So if we find ourselves screaming, “I need space!” nature is pushing us to find a healthier space to be in.

Slowing down, and creating space to reflect, allows us to give attention to what really matters. Are we giving attention to important relationships? Are we following what gives our lives meaning and helps us to grow? Having space allows us to give attention to these questions, even if the answers take time to find. Healthy space gives us healthy headspace.

Finding space and time can be challenging for parents juggling the demands of work and arriving home to be met with the needs of small children – or coping with these demands all day and trying to carve out some time to ourselves. This changes as children get older of course. Teenagers managing the moods that come with fluctuating hormones and brain changes need space to be alone and reflect. And they won’t spare their parents’ feelings to let them know when space is what they need.


Exploring relaxation can help you look after yourself when you're feeling stressed or worried. 

There are lots of relaxation exercises and many can be done in a short time with no equipment. Have a look at the tips and ideas to see how relaxation can fit into your daily life.


Support for parents from HomeStart in Suffolk

Top tips from Lou Harris:

If you are at home with your children, it may be difficult to take ten so you may need to involve your child too. Some parents say they struggle to make time for movement or stretching which may have been recommended to them by a health professional. Try laying your baby down beside you whilst you follow a yoga sequence on YouTube or take part in the activity you have been advised. They will love watching and you could play some soothing music at the same time. If you have older children, they may even want to try and get involved. 

If you struggle to get tasks done when you have children at home. Try and set up an activity for them to get involved in. If you have a garden, perhaps you could set up water play or even add in some dried rice and pots and pans for them to play with. If you do not have a garden- maybe put a shower curtain or mat down on the floor so it doesn't get too messy.

Trying to hang up or fold washing? - Involve your child by asking them to match up the socks or pass you the pegs.

If you like going outside, head to the park and observe your child as they play from a bench. It may not last too long but will give you the opportunity to feel the sun or breeze on your skin.

 Get crafty if that's your thing - maybe your child would like to get involved, or you could set up a similar activity for them. Chalk drawing on the pavement if you want to spend the time outside is a great activity, or set them up with stickers and paper. 

 Don't feel guilty for needing the time to yourself. Ask the people around you for the support when needed. 


Activities you can do

Walking, Cycling and Riding in Suffolk

Discover Suffolk, Suffolk County Council’s guide to getting outdoors in Suffolk. Promoting walking, cycling and riding in Suffolk. Explore walking, cycling and riding guides, promoted trails & easy access routes in Suffolk. Whether you enjoy a casual stroll along the prom or a long distance ramble, a weekend family bike ride or a full-on cycling holiday, or you just fancy getting out somewhere different with your four-legged friend, Discover Suffolk has something for everyone.


ActivHubs is a fun and social way for people to keep fit and healthy, improve strength, balance and co-ordination, and while doing all of that, make some new friends in the process!

30 Day What’s Up Challenge 

Each day for 30 days, complete one of our ‘feel-good’ challenges here to help keep your mind calm and entertained.

The challenges will help improve your mood, give you ideas that you can explore to stay positive and connect with people, as well as use this time to discover new skills. 

St Peter's Church at Stoke Park

YMCA webinars - book for October and December

Take 10 minutes  -Other ideas

  • Vik: 10 minutes of podcast , or listening to music
  • Sarah: 10 minutes for me by connecting with someone who makes me laugh and make those ten minutes special. Spending time with a loved pet.
  • Sukaina: A walk with music or podcast
  • Ryan: Going for a walk around the block to clear my head and having a coffee and catch up with a friend
  • Preety: To take 10 minutes for myself I have just started practising tai chi on a daily basis

Tuesday 24th October 1pm-2pm

Firm and fair - Why boundaries are important.
In this webinar we will look at why children of all ages need boundaries and how it helps their growth as well as explore the idea of privacy and how respecting and encouraging privacy can enhance family life.
Book a place at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/firm-and-fair-why-boundaries-are-important-registration-592428277927 

 Tuesday 19th December  1pm-2pm

The power of noticing (Suitable for 11- 18 year olds & parents)
How does being present boost our wellbeing and relationships?
Join us in this webinar to explore the links between the power of noticing and the impact on our wellbeing and mood, including being in control of where we direct our focus. Book a place at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-power-of-noticing-registration-592446221597

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Rest and Recharge

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