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Twos Count Here

Early years and childcare provider that have taken part in the Twos Count Here project have developed their provision with the unique needs of two year olds in mind.

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‘The brain of a toddler is fizzing with activity. But all this activity is happening in a brain not yet equipped to make sense of it.’ Kate Cairns Associates (2013) Five to Thrive; The things you do every day that help your toddlers growing brain; a supplement for parents of toddlers.

‘At times in the first 2 years of life the brain is making a million connections every Second’ Tuning in to Two Year Olds (2014)

‘If (two year olds) are supported through these changes by a close partnership between parents and practitioners who share the wonder and excitement of two year olds, this can have a life – long impact on children’s learning, and on their enjoyment of life.’ Tuning in to Two Year Olds (2014)

This project is a Suffolk County Council Early Years Service initiative designed to support settings to understand and meet the needs of two year olds.  It was introduced at a time when there were a large number of this age group becoming eligible for Government Early Education Funding and we wanted to make sure that the setting they were entering were able to offer them high quality provision.

The project has been successful and analysis highlighted a number of common threads.  For example settings developed stronger partnerships with parents, supported children’s communication, made environmental improvements, and developed their understanding of the significance of children’s patterns of play (schemas).

There were some other, more surprising, areas of positive impact such as more successful team work and the development of reflective practice in the setting as a whole.

Ofsted has also commented positively in a number of inspection reports, for instance one setting worked towards ensuring their provision supported schematic learning resulting in this comment ‘staff identify and understand the urges children have to continually repeat play as they investigate and develop their ideas.’, and ‘Information gained from parental questionnaires and local authority guidance has been used to evaluate and enhance the provision for children aged two years.' 

(Last reviewed February 2021)