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Winter Warmth

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  • Are you working with a resident in Suffolk or patient who is struggling to afford to heat their home?
  • Do you support families who sleep in one room as they don’t have enough bedding to go round?
  • Would some simple items of clothing, bedding or draught-proofing make a difference?
  • All referrals must be made by an external statutory, voluntary or health agency

Suffolk winter warmth packs are now available

Using the form or scan the QR code 

  • Record the client's details (so we can get their consent to the information being shared with us and contact them to arrange delivery)
  • Either select a standard winter warmth pack on the form
    • (option A) or create a bespoke warmth pack by adding items (option B)

If you cannot access the webform we can supply an alternative format: email winterwarmth@eastsuffolk.gov.uk to request a copy.


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