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Could you help us improve SEND Services in Suffolk?

We believe that the best outcomes for children and young people with SEND occur when young people, parents/carers and professionals work together to jointly design, commission and review services, recognising each other’s experience, expertise and knowledge.

Following the closure of the Suffolk Parent Carer Network, we are working with Contact to develop a new formal Parent Carer Forum in Suffolk. However, this is a process that is likely to take some months, and so we are looking for a group of parents and carers who would be willing to work with us in the interim, to ensure that we continue to co-produce services that deliver better outcomes for children and young people with SEND and their families.


What we need:

  • Parent/carers who can attend one-off meetings (in-person or virtual) to give their feedback on specific initiatives
  • Parent/carers who can attend longer term project meetings to help develop and improve our services and processes
  • Parent/carers who would be willing to read and give feedback on proposed publications, webpages etc


What we pledge:

  • To respect your experience and knowledge as a parent/carer of a child with SEND
  • To approach projects as equal partners
  • To value all contributions
  • To engage honestly and openly


There is no set or minimum number of hours you would need to commit – we will look to match you to a project that fits with the level of commitment you are able to give and any particular areas of experience or interest you have. If you would be interested in finding out more, please email us at localoffer@suffolk.gov.uk, or if you are happy to register please complete our co-production registration form and we will let you know the projects coming up that we are looking for volunteers on.


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