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Life in Lockdown - interviews with young people

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Over the summer of 2020 we worked with the team at the Engagement Hub to chat to some young people with SEND about how they’d found lockdown.

You can find out what they told us by clicking the tabs below.

If you are a young person with SEND and you'd like to tell us how 2020 has been for you so far, drop us a line at localoffer@suffolk.gov.uk (or get a parent, carer or grown up to help you) - we'd love to hear from you!

Walking the dog...

“What have I done in lockdown? Joe Wicks workouts, working on my laptop, walking my dog Teddy, watching Disney+ and having baths on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays”

Donovan, aged 20

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“what would I do if one of my friends were struggling? I would try to make them smile somehow.” L, age 9

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The hardest thing?

“The hardest thing about lockdown? I couldn’t see my friends or my dad, I couldn’t go to the cinema, college or clubs… all the things that I enjoyed I couldn’t do”

Donovan, age 20

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Changing schools...

"Hard things in lockdown? Missing school. My mum is shielding, so i didn't go back before the summer and now I won't go back to that school"

L, age 11

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Oh, we do like to be...

“if I could go anywhere right now, I would go to the beach”

L, age 9

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Missing my friends...

“Home school was fun, and I enjoyed it but it was hard to concentrate sometimes and I missed my friends”

E, aged 9

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Green fingers...

Donovan, aged 20

“The best thing about lockdown? My mum has been home a lot more, so we have been able to do lots of things together like gardening the sunflowers”

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More time to play...

“What’s been the best thing about lockdown? I sleep more and have more time to play with my siblings and my tablet” - L, age 9

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Ready, steady, cook!

“My favourite thing to do during lockdown is baking”

E, aged 7

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Missing playtime...

“The hardest thing about lockdown has been I missed playtime, my friends and my helpers."

M, age 9

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Anyone for tennis?

"What's been the best thing about lockdown? Lots of time to play tennis!"

J, age 10

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Missing the cinema

"If I could go anywhere right now where would I go? The cinema. I've really missed it."

Donovan, age 20

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