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Assessments, Education, Health and Care Plans

The majority of children and young people with special education needs (SEN) or disabilities will have the support they need within local mainstream early years settings, schools or colleges. This is called SEN Support.

For some children and young people, although they are receiving support in their current education setting, there may be concerns about the progress they are making.

Some of these children and young people may require an EHC needs assessment so it is clear what their special educational needs are and then the Local Authority can decide whether it is necessary for the child or young person to receive support that is not normally available to them through an EHC Plan.

What is an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHC Plan)?

An Education, Health & Care Plan or EHC Plan is a document which sets out the education, health and social care needs of a child or young person, for some this may be up to age 25, and the support that is necessary to help them to progress and achieve their outcomes.

I'm thinking about requesting an EHC needs assessment

Who should I speak to?

Speak to everyone who is currently supporting the child or young person to make sure that everything that could be available is in place. Advice, guidance and support is available to education settings and providers without the need for an EHC Plan.

Normally the education setting or provider will be asked to provide this information and they only have a few weeks to share this information with the Local Authority so it is important that everyone works together as soon as possible.

Who can request an EHC Needs Assessment?

The following people can request an EHC needs assessment for a child or young person aged between 0 and 25:

  • The child's parent or carer
  • A young person over the age of 16 but under the age of 25 themselves if they understand it sufficiently well – otherwise the parent or representative can make the request on a young person's behalf
  • A person acting on behalf of a school or post-16 institution

In addition, anyone else can bring a child or young person who has (or may have) SEN to the attention of the local authority, particularly where they think an EHC needs assessment may be necessary. This could include, for example, foster carers, health and social care professionals, early years practitioners, youth offending teams or probation services.

When should I request an EHC Needs Assessment?

When a child or young person has a learning difficulty or a disability and is not making the progress expected with the support that is being put in place or the parents of the child or the young person (or the young person themselves) believe that the education setting or provider is not able to provide the help and support which is needed.

A request for an EHC Needs Assessment will be considered if the child or young person has or may have special educational needs – it does not apply where there are only health and/or care needs.

When should I hear back?

The Local Authority must reply within six weeks. We will always reply to the parent or young person – even where the request was made by someone else.

If an EHC Needs Assessment is requested, what can happen?

The Local Authority will ask for some information from children, young people and their families and the current or most recent education settings or providers so they can make a decision as to whether an EHC Needs Assessment is required.

This decision will be made within six weeks of the request for assessment being made.

A decision not to assess may be given, and the reasons why will be explained, including recommendations about what the education setting could also do to support the child or young person.

If an EHC Needs Assessment is agreed, what happens next?

If the Local Authority decides that an assessment is required, they will ask for assessments, information and reports which will identify the child's or young person's special education needs and any additional support they may require.

From the assessment information received, the Local Authority will consider whether the support the child’s or young person's special educational needs is additional or different to the support normally available through SEN Support in mainstream education settings.

A decision will be made as to whether to issue an EHC Plan.

Family Services - The Teams

SEND Family Services (within SCC Inclusion Service) lead on the support of children, young people and their families so that with the necessary skills, young people progress into adulthood to further achieve their hopes, dreams and ambitions.

For young people and families, mainstream schools, local alternative provision and specialist schools, settings and units, your primary contacts will be the Family Services Co-ordinators and Assistant Co-ordinators. The Lead Co-ordinators manage the teams and work with independent specialist providers, supporting the children, young people and their families accessing these settings.

Contacts details are provided below for each team. The following document outlines the Education Settings each team supports - download the PDF.

This document outlines Suffolk's Transition Protocol for SEND Family Services Cases.


Lowestoft & Waveney Family Services based at Riverside, Lowestoft (email:

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Amy Wiggall (0.5 fte)

01502 674722

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Linda Hook (0.5 fte)

01502 674778

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Charlotte Hunter

01502 674715


Christopher Dobinson

01502 674790


Linda Gardiner

01502 674780


Joy Derbyshire -Baldwin

01502 674717

 Lead Co-ordinator

Robert Smith

01502 674984


Suffolk Coastal Family Services based at Endeavour House, Ipswich (email: )

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Lauren Flood

01473 264267

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Sarah Aspin (0.8fte)

01473 263358


Alexandra Read

01473 263437

 Lead Co-ordinator

Hayley Mason

01473 264964


Ipswich North and East Family Services based at Endeavour House, Ipswich (email:

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Amy Wright

01473 264688

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Sarah Morgan

01473 264465


Karen Everett

01473 265732


Kirsty Mower

01473 265732

 Lead Co-ordinator

Hannah Large

01473 265257


Ipswich South and West Family Services based at Endeavour House, Ipswich (email:

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Maria Bartlett (0.5fte)

01473 265812

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Emma Robinson (0.5fte)

01473 260461

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Laura Clark

01473 263424


Camilla Nunn

01473 265252


Rebecca Piotrowski

01473 264822

 Lead Co-ordinator

James Pettit

01473 265393


South Suffolk Family Services based at Endeavour House, Ipswich (email: )

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Kelly Francis (0.5 fte)

01473 264260

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Michelle Wheeler (0.5fte)

01473 265375

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Megan Philipson

01473 264562


Emily Garrod

01473 265269


Sally Porter

01473 264102

 Lead Co-ordinator




West Suffolk Family Services based at West Suffolk House, Bury St Edmunds (email:

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Jen Byford

01284 758796

 Assistant Co-ordinator

Grace Mcalonan

01284 758833


Clare Ellsmore-Creed

01284 758752



 Lead Co-ordinator

Claire Brown

01284 758784

Bury St Edmunds and Central Suffolk Family Services based at
West Suffolk House, BSE ( )

Assistant Co-ordinator

Melissa Ambrose

01284 776171

Assistant Co-ordinator

Brigid Cubiss

01284 758794


Shirley Dixon(0.6fte)

01284 758757


Christine Baxter(0.4fte)

01284 758917


Mary Marks

01284 758785

Lead Co-ordinator

Germaine Stogdon

01284 758722

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