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  1. Housing

    Help to stay at home How to live independently at home, including equipment and adaptations, meals, personal assistants, money and debt advice, and returning home from hospital.
  2. How adult social care can help

    Adult social care in Suffolk, care and support assessments, housing support, care homes, advocacy, DoLS, moving from children's services and how to contact us. Advocacy Find out what advocacy means and how to get advocacy for yourself or someone you look after. Care and support…
  3. How can I avoid scams?

    Scams are created to trick you into handing over money or personal details. They can be targeted at businesses or individuals. Victims are often left feeling a sense of shame and social isolation, but don't feel embarrassed as it can happen to anyone.
  4. I'm worried about my child's mental health

        Does your child need urgent help? If it's an emergency call 999. If it's not life threatening. Call NHS mental Health Crisis Support Line on 111 and press option 2 (24/7) for anyone of any age in Norfolk and Suffolk. The video below…
  5. Keep well and active

    Find support to stay healthy, social and independent in your community, including advice on volunteering, work, falls, disabilities and mental health. DementiaFind support to manage dementia and memory loss, including information about living at home, caring for someone and legal matters. Falls and fall preventionLearn…
  6. Learning

    Whether you want to learn new skills for your job, find a new hobby or learn for pleasure there are plenty of opportunities in Suffolk.  
  7. Maternal Mental Health

    This page provides information about: How to find support if you think you might have postnatal depression If you are pregnant and are worried about getting postnatal depression Support for fathers concerned about their mental health How partners, family and friends can support someone with…
  8. Mental Health and Parenting

    Many parents and carers struggle with mental health problems while caring for their children. The key thing is to talk to someone and not be afraid to get some extra support so that you can continue to provide a safe and loving environment for your children. Below we have…
  9. Neurodevelopmental Disorder (NDD) Pathway (East & West Suffolk)

    The Neurodevelopmental Disorder (NDD) Pathway (East & West Suffolk) aims to provide a clear and structured approach to support familes who require assistance with supporting a child or young person with neurodevelopmental conditions, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We are committed…
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