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  1. Be Well, Feel Well blog: Privacy – October

    October is Privacy:  As nice as it is to feel that we are members of community groups, it’s also important to take time out for ourselves. Having privacy and time alone allows us to reflect, learn from experience and decide what is important to us.…
  2. Be Well, Feel Well blog: Security – November

    November is Security:  When we feel safe, we think clearly and respond to what is going on around us while coping with change. When we feel unsafe, perhaps about our finances or relationships, it can create stress associated with too much uncertainty and even powerlessness.…
  3. Be Well, Feel Well blog: Attention – December

    December is Attention:  The right kind of attention We all need to give and receive attention to stay mentally healthy. Too much attention is bad for us, as is too little attention. If we are socially isolated we will suffer from attention deprivation, loneliness, stress…
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