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Early Years @ Highfield

Day nursery

Early Years @ Highfield provides a welcoming setting for all families and their children. We work closely with parents/carers to ensure they are active partners in all areas of the care their child receives. The daycare provides many opportunities for children to feel safe, secure, stimulated and happy. We encourage learning through play to promote and develop children's individual skills, knowledge and understanding. We provide children with stimulating, purposeful and engaging  activities and experiences in line with the Early Years foundation stage. Examples of these exciting activites and the experiences are: cooking, painting, building, role-play, water play, sand play, clay, investigating, parachute games, outside play fun in our meadow area and much much more.

3 & 4 year old funding Ofsted grade: Outstanding

Who to contact

Natasha Trinder/Diane Armstrong/Eleanor Wood
Daycare Managers/SENDco
Early Years @ Highfield Daycare
Chesterfield Drive
01473 742534 option 3
Contact Notes

Early Years @ Highfield is co-located with Highfield Nursery School and Children's Centre. Please follow signs for Highfield Nursery, parking is available at the rear of the building (next to Castle Hill Community Centre).

Venue Details

Early Years @ Highfield, Highfield Nursery School & Childrens Centre
Chesterfield Drive
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Venue Email
Venue Website
Parking available
Parking details
Parking is available in an enclosed car park located at the rear of the centre within Castle Hill Community Centre car park.. There are approximately 30 parking spaces, 3 of which are designated Disabled Parking.
Highfield is located less than 5 minutes walk from Norwich Road, which is serviced by a regular bus route to and from Ipswich Town Centre

Main bus route into town.

Accessible building to all users

We have additional Meadow and pond areas for the children to explore. The pond area is a supervised and safe environment 

Additional contact

Natasha Trinder/Diane Armstrong
Daycare Managers
01473 742534 option 3
Early Years @ highfield daycare
Chesterfield Drive

30 Hours Extended Entitlements

Registered to provide 30 Hours?
30 Hours Partner Summary
Highfield Nursery School, however we are happy to work with any setting to provide funded sessions.


Last updated
Immediate vacancies
Other information
Please contact Early Years @ Highfield for vacancy information. We currently have limited afternoon spaces available.

Days & times

Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 18:00

Inclusive Provisions

Wheelchair access
Yes - This setting has level access to their premises.
Cultural provisions
Yes - We are a fully inclusive setting, who support all children and their families with English as an Additional Language and we warmly welcome families from all cultures to our setting to share their experiences.
Individual dietary needs
Yes - We have had vast experience in working with children special dietary needs, including; dairy, egg and nut allergies. We have developed stringent working practices in which to support these children, and work closely with parents to devise Care Plans outlining procedures required to meet individual children's dietary needs - whilst ensuring that they are fully included in lunch and snack times.
Recent experience of supporting children with additional needs
Yes - Our setting is committed to staff development and their training, therefore the team at Early Years @ Highfield have a range of experience and knowledge relating to SEND. We pride ourselves on developing our own expertise, experience and skills relevant to the individual needs of our children. The setting's SENCo's has experience of working with children with a range of additional and complex needs. Our setting Manager is also an accredited SENDco and has a vast amount of experience working with families and children
Specific additional needs this setting has experience of
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
Aspergers Syndrome
Autistic spectrum
Cerebral Palsy
Challenging Behaviour
Communication difficulties
Cystic Fibrosis
Downs syndrome
Emotional needs
Generalised Hypotonia
Global Delay
Hearing Difficulties
Learning difficulties
Motor impairment
Muscular dystrophy
Physical impairment
Serious allergy
Severe dietary needs
Social development impairment
Speech and language difficulties
Visual impairment
Williams Syndrome


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£58.50 (8-6 session) 2 years - per day
£56.50 ( 8-6 session) 3 years plus - per day
£47.30 (8-4 session) 2 years - Per session
£45.70 (8-4 session) 3 years plus - per day
£16.80 (8.30-11.30 and 1-4 session) 2 years - Per session
£16.20 ( 8.30-11.30 and 1-4 session) 3 years plus - Per session
£41.70( 9-4 session) 2 years - per day
£40.30 (9-4 session) 3 years plus - per day
£24.90 (9-1 session) 2 years - Per session
£24.10 (9-1 session) 3 years plus - Per session
£28.00 (1-6 session) 2 years - Per session
£27.00 (1-6 session) 3 years plus - Per session
£44.50 (8.30-4.00 session) 2 years - per day
£43.00 (8.30-4.00 session) 3 years plus - per day
We offer age related prices for 2-3 years and for 3-5 years old. The all day session or morning session until 1.00 include a hot lunch cooked o site by pur experienced cooks.

Other Details

Accessible parking, Arts and crafts, Baby facilities, CCTV, Climbing frame, Computer, Enclosed outdoor play area, Equipment for all ages, Forest school, Garden, Healthy eating, Kitchen, Out-door play, Outdoor play equipment, Playroom, Private changing area, Quiet area, Sensory garden, Sensory play equipment, Sleeping area, Slide, Take children on outings, Vegetable patch
Cater for over 8s
Age Range
From 2 Year(s)
To 5 Year(s)
Age Groups

Early Years @ Highfield daycare was opened in January 2007.The daycare team provide high quality care and education for 24 children aged two to five years. The daycare room is an attractive purpose built room with exciting play areas inside and outside and also areas for quieter activities and sleeping.


 Our main aim is to provide a happy, caring environment which promotes the all round development of each individual child in our care. We recognise that promoting and fostering the emotional and social development of all children is importance and supports the holistic development of children. We do this by ensuring every child has full access to all areas of provision and opportunities that we offer. Every child has a voice in our setting and we ensure that their views and opinions are respected and valued. Key Persons work closely with all children and our SENDco works with families to devise Individual Educational plans.  We acknowledge that while all children have the right to participate in all aspects of the provision, sometimes adaptations may need to take place in order for each child to have success and achieve.

We are proud to say that we are an Outstanding provision and this was recognised in July 2007, again in November 2009, November 2014 and in February 2020 when the daycare received ‘Outstanding’ in our Ofsted inspections. We are very proud of these achievements and they are a testament to the passionate and committed team that work here. Please follow this link to read our latest Ofsted Inspection Report.http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/CARE/EY337155


 In recognition of our work in supporting young children's communication, we were awarded the Every Child A Talker (ECaT) standard in August 2013.

We also participated in the Two count here project through Suffolk County Council

The Daycare manager is a Key practitioner and can support other settings with parental partnerships and learning environments.






Offers Tax Free Childcare

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
19/11/2009Inspection (Early Years Register)Outstanding
16/10/2014Inspection (Early Years Register)Outstanding
07/02/2020Inspection (Early Years Register)Outstanding

Local Offer

Local Offer
Experience of including people with special educational needs and disabilities

Here at Highfield we  aim to provide an environment inclusive to all children. We are committed to ensuring that all children are given the opportunities and support needed to achieve their full potential.   


We acknowledge and respect that each child attending our setting is unique, and some children may require individual support due to their unique set of needs. Every child within our provision is given the opportunity to become a confident learner. 


We closely monitor the progress of each child who attends our setting through Schemas, Early Years Foundation stage, Characteristics of Effective Learning all through a range of approaches and methods. The monitoring of progress ensures that each child is achieving to their fullest potential, and any possible difficulties are identified swiftly.


The following monitoring and assessment methods, with the aim of highlighting any potential areas of development for children within our care;

·         Each child is assigned an experienced Key Person whom welcomes and helps settles them into our environment. This Key Person also meets with each child’s parent/carer before they begin accessing our setting; this meeting enables parent/carers to talk about any concerns they may have about their child’s development, as well as enabling Key Person’s to talk through important aspects about how we identify and support children’s individual needs. Initial information about children’s needs, strengths and interests are recorded on an Observation and Assessment Grid; this information along with initial observations of each child forms ‘on entry data’ which further helps us to monitor children’s development and progress during their time with us.

·         This consistent Key Person is responsible  for collating observations and assessments of each child, which are added to children’s Learning Journeys. Parents/carers are also warmly invited and encouraged to add comments and observations to this document, Learning Journeys are stored in a shelving unit within the day care room, and are readily accessible to parents.

·         At the end of each half term, the Key Person analyses all observations they have gathered for the child during the past weeks and compiles this information in the form of an ‘Observation and Assessment grid’. This forms part of our moderation meetings.The Key Person also devises ‘Next Steps for Development’ for each child to work towards during the next term. These Next Steps are wholly individualised and are relevant to each child’s unique developmental journey; we uphold an ethos which fosters the opinion that all children’s developmental journey will be different and each individual child will undoubtedly demonstrate skills and strengths which will vary dramatically from their peers.

·         In addition to monitoring through everyday observations, we also complete a 2 year old Learning and Development Summary. As a requirement of the Early Years Foundation Stage (2017) Key Person’s use information they have gathered through day to day observations, as well as knowledge gained through discussions with parent/carers, to complete this progress summary for all 2 year olds within our care. In this document Key Persons will discuss and identify children’s strengths and any areas of development they may have observed; making specific comments about children’s progress in the three prime areas of learning; Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language, Physical Development. They will also write comments about children’s demonstrations of key learning attributes; the characteristics of effective learning.


The aim of this progress check is to inform parent/carers of their child’s progress within the setting, which also acts as a tools for early identification of any potential difficulty or need that the child may be experiencing. This document is shared with parents/carers and they are strongly encouraged to record their own views and opinions about their child’s learning and development.


·         Next Steps may involve Key Persons devising targeted activities which will promote children’s development in a specific area. During this time if it is observed that child had not made progress towards meeting targeted Next Steps, targets would then be adapted and further structured activities devised in order to ascertain whether this may an area of potential need for further investigation.


·         While we ensure that time and opportunities are given for Key Person to support children in meeting their devised Next Steps, we uphold the view that early identification and action are key in planning adequate support and achieving positive outcomes for children with SEND and Disabilities. Therefore it is vital that requests for further support and guidance from outside agencies are not delayed in any way.


·         Key Persons regularly meet with the setting SENDco and/or Manager to discuss any concerns they may be having regarding a child’s development and progress. During these supervision times, next steps of action are discussed, and following this parents/carers are invited into the setting to talk through any concerns that arise. Parental partnerships are crucial in achieving the best outcomes for children with SEN and Disability, and we strongly advocate an honest and open approach. Key Persons work hard to build trusting and effective relationships with parent/carers, and with support from the setting SENDCo, this better prepares Key Persons to talk openly with parent/carers about any worries or concerns we may hold.

·         Through Provision Mapping and by completing termly Overviews of the targeted support which takes place within our setting, we are able to clearly document the levels of intensity of support we provide for children. We are able to identify which children may require additional support which is being met through existing targeted intervention and also children who require more specialised or intensive support – often provided by outside agencies.

·         After discussions with parents/carers, and further play based assessment within the setting, we will initiate the next step of response and devise an  Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Behaviour Support Plan (BSP). On occasion, with parental consent, we may also contact the local authority or child's Health visitor for further support and advice; often which results in an Early Years consultant coming into our setting to meet with the child and/or parents/carers to further discuss issues, or undertake specific observations or play based assessments. This consultant works in partnership with the child’s Key Person and parent/carers to adapt IEP targets or suggest additional strategies.


·         It may be suggested that the next step of action will be for our setting to request a referral to an outside agency for further advice and support in assessing children’s needs. This referral will only be completed with parental consent, and we will involve them at every stage.

We may request support and guidance from the following agencies;

Advisory Teachers

Educational Psychologists

Speech and Language Therapists


First Base behavioural support team


·         Children’s IEP’s  are reviewed at least every term (however the frequency of these reviews may increase depending upon the number of sessions the child attends, level of progress achieved etc.). Parents/carers are invited to IEP review meetings and their opinions and comments are valued and reflected within the adapted or newly devised IEP or Behaviour Support Plan. Minutes of issues discussed within these meetings are made available to parents/carers and copies of newly updated IEP’s are given to parents/carers for their records.


We recognise that every staff member in our setting needs specific knowledge in order to effectively support children with SEN and Disability. We are committed to giving our practitioners the opportunity to access relevant training; facilitating an environment where expertise and knowledge is shared. The team have a varied and wide knowledge of SEND.

 Our designated Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Danielle Reid  and Natasha Trinder has a accredited Early Years SENCO Training.

The following courses and training relating to Special Educational Needs and children’s learning and development  have been accessed by members of our team within the past two years;

Makaton Stages 1 and 2

Transition Passport Training

Supporting Communication (whole setting training)

A Positive approach to behaviour

SEN responsibilities and target setting for Key Persons

Support for Children with Selective Mutism and Reluctant Talkers

Early Years SEND Reform: What this means for you

Safeguarding: Roles and Responsibilities

Outdoor Learning - Meeting the needs of 2 & 3 year olds

Supporting Children as Writers in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Creating a stimulating story space for the under 5s

Exciting Writing for Schools

A Practical Guide to Allergy and Asthma

Transforming Learning through Observation

Safeguarding: Understanding the family's journey

ICT in the Early Years

Making it REAL

Relationships Build Brains: Why adults are important to young children#

Characteristics of Effective Learning

Letters & Sounds (phase 1)

Twos Are Special

Supporting Maths With Confidence

 Autism and Asperger's


Training on use of an Epipen






Natasha Trinder/Danielle Reid
01473 742534 option 3
Early Years @ Highfield Full Local Offer Document
Conditions Supported
Autistic spectrum conditions
Communication difficulties
Health conditions
Learning difficulties
Mental health conditions
Physical disabilities
Sensory impairments

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