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Whist Drive, 60+ Club

We play at the club every Friday afternoon commencing at 1.00pm and we play two full sessions of Whist with a break for a cup of tea around 2.15pm and we commence again at 2.30 with a finish time of 3.30pm.
We charge £2.00 per person to play and from the money received we make an agreed contribution to the centre.

All are welcome to come and play and we have many holiday makers who call in.

We play progressive Whist which means each game is played with a table of four people with a man and lady as partners for each game (you do not need to have a partner to participate). At the end of each hand the winning couple move and the losers stay and are joined by the winners from adjoining tables.

We play a total of 24 hands and the person with the highest score at the end of the 24 hands take the prizes.

A little more information about the game of Whist: You can play progressive whist which means you change partners ,win or lose after each hand.

You can play partner Whist which means you play with the same partner each hand,win or lose or there is a game called Military Whist which is much more complicated.

It is advisable to ring before turning up to ensure it will be taking place.

Who to contact

Charles Goddard
01502 731846
30 Noel Close
Great Yarmouth
NR31 9RT

Where to go

Whist Drive, 60+ Club
Clapham Road
NR32 1DR
Area served
Lowestoft, North Lowestoft

Days & Times

Friday, 1.00pm

Other details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£2.00 per person Afternoon Session
Cost Details
£2.00 per person
Age Groups
Last Updated

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