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County Inclusion Support Service

The County Inclusion Support Service (CISS) is a Suffolk County Council outreach service for Suffolk mainstream schools seeking additional support for pupils with: a diagnosis of ASD, traits of ASD but no diagnosis, social and communication difficulties, social, emotional and mental health difficulties and all associated behaviours.

The key focus for the service is to maintain school placements, working with schools to build understanding and the capacity to manage their own effective inclusion for SEND pupils.

CISS Teachers and Inclusion Practitioners, who all have significant experience in classroom practice, draw on a wide variety of skills and strategies to work flexibly and in close partnership with school staff. CISS staff take an individualised approach to pupils’ needs, working directly with the pupils, modelling strategies to school staff and offering advice and guidance to ensure the best outcomes for them.

CISS has a core offer (services where there is no additional charge to schools, see below 'Local Offer') and a traded offer (services purchased by schools – more information can be found on the website).

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Children and Young People Inclusive Services - SEN
01473 264634
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Suffolk County Council, Endeavour House
8 Russell Road

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16-25 years, Children (5-11), Young people
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Experience of including people with special educational needs and disabilities

There are two parts to the CISS core offer, which are:

Inclusion Surgeries

For early intervention, CISS hold Inclusion Surgeries: an opportunity for a member of school staff to consult a CISS teacher about effective strategies to manage pupils whose placement is becoming vulnerable and/or any general whole school inclusion issues.

It is intended that a cycle of five surgeries will take place through the course of the academic year. Within an Inclusion Surgery, a CISS teacher will be able to give advice and guidance, recommend resources, discuss tailored training under the CISS traded offer and signpost appropriately to other agencies.

Where necessary, with parental permission, the specific needs of individual pupils can be discussed. All advice and guidance will be reviewed at the following Inclusion Surgery and, where appropriate, referral through to the CISS caseload may be considered (see below).

CISS caseload 

This forms the other part of the core offer. Where there is clear evidence that the pupil’s placement is highly vulnerable a referral can be made directly to the service, for example, the child or young person may be at risk of permanent exclusion or school refusal.

If the referral is accepted, the pupil remains on CISS caseload until the end of Year 11. Input from CISS may vary over time according to the need of the pupil.

CISS is a service that's delivered in school, but all practitioners appreciate that having parents on board is essential to any involvement. Schools only make referrals to CISS with parental consent, which is shown by a parental signature on the referral form. If the referral is accepted, an initial meeting will be held between CISS, parents and the school.

After an assessment, an initial report will then be shared with parents and the school. Reports are then provided to the school on an ongoing basis, but can be made available for parents.

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