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Orchard Barns (HS)

Holiday Scheme

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Venue Notes

We are situated just off the A12 and are on bus routes from Colchester and East Bergholt.


01206 323093

Venue Details

6 Higham Road
Stratford St. Mary
Parking available

We are situated just off the A12 and are on bus routes from Colchester and East Bergholt.



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Immediate vacancies
Maximum places
Other information
Orchard Barns has spaces in all sessions for 2 year olds.

Days & times

Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 18:00
Further information
Our Holiday Scheme is open during all school holidays including half-terms. We offer full day sessions or morning sessions 8.30 - 12.30 and afternoon sessions 1.30 - 5.30, these can be extended by 1 hour to include lunch.

Inclusive Provisions

Wheelchair access
Cultural provisions
Individual dietary needs
Recent experience of supporting children with additional needs


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£20.00 Per session
£40.00 Per day
10% discount for siblings and if booking a full week.

Other Details

Forest school
School pickups
Stratford St Mary Primary School (Colchester)
Cater for over 8s
Age Range
From 3 Year(s)
To 11 Year(s)
Age Groups
Pre-school, Children (5-11)
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Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
13/12/2007Combined Inspection - ChildcareOutstanding
13/12/2007Combined Inspection - Nursery EducationOutstanding
22/03/2011EYR InspectionOutstanding
26/01/2016EYR InspectionOutstanding

Local Offer Local Offer Record

Experience of including people with special educational needs and disabilities

An overview of the kindergarten

What kind of nursery is Orchard Barns ?


Orchard Barns Private Kindergarten is a well established nursery rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted. The nursery is in Stratford St. Mary, a small village near the thriving town of Colchester which has fast rail links to London. It is located amongst fields providing children with superb play and learning opportunities. We take children from the age two to five years, each age group has its own separate accommodation in well furnished rooms with appropriate resources. We are registered for thirty eight

children to attend daily and are open from 8am to 6pm with a variety of attendance patterns available within these hours.


We are an inclusive nursery focusing on the individual child. Each child has their own dedicated special person or key person who is the first point of contact for

parents/carers. We provide effective support for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) starting from our first contact with parents/carers and their child. We make sure that additional needs are identified early and offer provision suited to the child’s specific individual needs. There are SEND

coordinators in the nursery who are experienced with working with a range of

professionals and outside agencies and who can support parents/carers form links with the most appropriate agencies if needed. We are familiar with how to access

additional funding for enhanced provision, working in partnership with outside

professionals to support children with SEND, should this be appropriate.

We are confident that our provision can meet the specific needs of children with SEND providing the highest quality care and education.


Accessibility of the Kindergarten

How accessible is the nursery for children with SEND?


Orchard Barns building is divided into two age appropriate rooms. We will consider making any reasonable adjustment to our environment that may be required. There are different outdoor play areas including a large garden with fixed play equipment, a smaller garden including sand boxes and a courtyard area used for small group play. We also have use of an adjacent field and a small wooded area used for our Forest School sessions. These areas may need reasonable adjustments according to specific needs. Risk assessments should highlight any steps needed to make the outside areas conducive for all children.                                      


Identifying childrens additional needs

How will the nursery know if my child needs additional help and how will the nursery share information with me?


A child may join us with a need already identified or concerns may be raised by their key person or other staff through continuous observations and assessments which informs all planning in the nursery. Parent/Carers would always be the first point of contact and any relevant history or concerns would be discussed with them.

They would be invited to meet with their child’s key person and SEND Co-ordinators and participate in discussions about the support proposed which would take the form of a One Plan including a one page profile.                                                    


We would use the graduated response cycle where observations are assessed, a One Plan prepared which would detail any interventions and support, resources to be used and expected impact and outcomes with a clear date for review. The one page profile would include sections on what people like and admire about the child including things they don't like, what makes them happy and how they want to be supported. Parents/Carers may be advised on how to help their child at home continuing strategies put in place at nursery if appropriate. They would always receive copies of One Plans and would be invited to the review assess and plan part of the graduated response cycle of Assess, Plan, Do and Review.Their child’s key person would be their on going contact who they would see every time their child attended nursery.


Range of support available to my child

What different kinds of support are available to a child with SEND?


  • Specified individual support (One Plans)
  • Appropriate resources would be sourced
  • Small group activities
  • Differentiation of activities
  • Support for behaviour
  • Support for health needs
  • Support for communication needs including visual timetables, Makaton symbols and picture exchange communication systems (PECS)    
  • Adult Support to enable the child to access the learning environment around them so that they can engage and learn with their peers. An application for funding for such an adult would be made but we cannot guarantee allocation.                




Measuring childrens progress

How will the nursery know how well my child is progressing and how will they inform us about this?


The key person would closely monitor the child’s progress through observations and continuous assessment. The key person would consider the targets in the One Plan as agreed with parents/carers and see if the specific targets have been met. The plan would be regularly reviewed and updated with parents/carers involved at all stages.



How would the nursery ensure my child was included in all aspects of nursery life?


Great care is taken to treat each child as a person in their own right with equal rights and responsibilities. We ensure all early learning opportunities are inclusive of

children with SEND and achieve this through differentiation and support. We acknowledge and celebrate a wide range of religious beliefs and festivals. Children whose first language is not English have full access to early learning opportunities and are supported in their learning. The child’s family would be supported as a whole for example relevant information would be translated if required.


Specialist and outside agencies

What agencies might be involved with my child?


All external partners we work with are vetted in terms of safeguarding. Agencies involved could include Area SEND co-ordinator, Health Visitor, Speech and Language Therapist, Hearing Impaired Support, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Specialist Teacher and other agencies offering relevant support.

Parent/carers would always be consulted before we asked outside agencies to become involved and would be kept fully informed about any visits by such agencies.                                                                                                 


Support for parents/carers

What support would we receive as parents/carers?


  • Daily handovers with your child’s key person would provide opportunities to discuss any concerns or questions.                                                                        
  • Regular reviews of One Plans to which Parents/Carers would be invited to find out their views on how their child is progressing, their hopes for what their child can achieve in the future and including any recommendations from outside agencies




Starting kindergarten/moving on to primary school(Transitions)

How will the nursery prepare my child to attend / move to primary school?


We have a comprehensive induction process involving as many visits as parents/carers feel are necessary.There would be opportunities to meet the child’s key person and exchange information about the child and the nursery including practical matters such as holiday entitlement, fees etc. The key person would find out as much as they could about the child including other agencies involved if any, and matters such as

diet, medication etc. Parents/carers would be invited to leave their child for a trial visit when the child would spend time with their key person and enable them to meet the other children in their room. For a child with SEND a meeting with the SEND

co-ordinator will be necessary so needs can be identified before the child starts and any reasonable adjustments to the environment made.Once a child is settled into nursery life it may become necessary to move rooms depending on their age. This transition is handled very carefully with visits arranged to the child’s new room and opportunity to meet their new key person. All relevant information including One Plans would be shared at a meeting between the new key person and the previous key

person. Parents/carers would also have an opportunity to meet the new key person.

When the time comes for children to move onto Primary school contact would be made by the nursery and the reception class teacher of the relevant school would be invited to visit the nursery and meet the child. An enhanced transition package of sharing strategies, latest One Plan, visits by professionals etc.would be put in place with Parents/Carers involved. The key person supported by the nursery SEND

co-ordinator would pay particular attention in preparing the child for transfer to primary school to make the transition as smooth as possible.                                                                                                                                                           




Dedicated contacts at the kindergarten                        

Who should I contact if I have any questions or concerns about my child?


The Key Person

The Manager: Shelley Ward

The SEND co-ordinator: Emma Robinson and Leanne Amoss









Support and training for staff

Have any staff received specialist training in SEND?


We identify training needs and support all staff in relevant training. The SEND

co-ordinators have completed SEND training and have undertaken additional training, on individual needs and disabilities for example Autism. A training programme

detailing the new SEND Code of Practice (2014) is due to be rolled out in our area and our SEND co-ordinators will be attending if they are allocated a place.

Shelley Ward
01206 323093
Orchard Barns
Conditions Supported
Autistic spectrum conditions
Communication difficulties
Health conditions
Learning difficulties
Mental health conditions
Physical disabilities
Sensory impairments

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