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Walsham le Willows Parish Council | Community Directory

Walsham le Willows Parish Council

Coronavirus Support

The Parish Council is maintaining confidential registers of vulnerable people and of volunteers and matching these when asked to do so.  The information collected to facilitate this is shared appropriately but with due regard to data protection law.

The aim is to ensure that no-one in the village is left alone without support as evolving government advice (or orders) are put into practice. Priority may have to be given to those older people who are living alone (or elderly couples) without nearby family support.   Some volunteers, due to their own vulnerabilities and need to self-isolate, are not able to shop or collect prescriptions but have offered to keep in touch with people by telephone. So please do ask if you would like someone to support you in that way, particularly if you are living alone.

Please contact the Parish Clerk (preferably by email) to advise any of the following:

  • If you need support
  • If you know someone who needs support
  • If you are willing to volunteer to support someone
  • If you are already supporting someone
  • If you and/or family are already self-isolating due to illness


For the duration of the Coronavirus lockdown, Parish Council meetings are being held online at the usual time by means of the Zoom conferencing app. You can join the online meeting to observe and you can make a representation to the Council in the usual way.

The link for the next meeting can be found on the village website at: https://www.walsham-le-willows.org/parish-council-meetings-during-lockdown/

General Details

The Parish Council is a tier of government as defined in law with particular statutory responsibilities and duties and its members are elected by public vote.

If you are interested to learn more you can find more information on the gov.uk web site and also the Communities, Parish and Local Councils (CPALC) web site.

The published Agenda’s, Minutes, Budget Reconciliation of all Parish Council meetings can be found on the Parish Council page of the Village website

A Public Open Forum is held when the Chair allows 5 minute representations from members of the public to the Parish Council. Parish Councillors will often engage with representations in the same meeting but are not required to respond immediatley in any way.  This is to ensure that Councillor's have time to make a considered response.

Who to contact

Kevin Boardley
Parish Clerk
01359 259 794

Additional contact

Additional Website
Suffolk County Councillor for Walsham le Willows

Where to go

The Priory Room
The Causeway
Walsham le Willows
Bury St Edmunds
Area served
Mid Suffolk
Parking available
Parking details
On The Causeway

Meetings are currently being held online as the Priory Room is closed.

Days & Times

Second Tuesday of each Month
Time of day
Session Information
Parish Council meetings start at 7pm

Other details

Age Groups
Pre-school, Children (5-11), Adults, Young people
Wheelchair Access, Adapted Toilet

District Council: Mid Suffolk / Electoral Division: Hartismere / Highways Area: Central

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