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YLOH - Your Life Our Help provide a range of help and support to people living in their own homes. In addition we have some accommodation with support.

We use an approach that we call Creative Enabling; Creative Enabling means getting to know people and what help they want and need, it means then working with them to discover ways to overcome the things that they are struggling with. Creative Enabling is all about people helping people, harnessing the natural human skills and abilities of human beings to help one another.

At YLOH, we are happy to help anyone. We do not focus upon certain groups of people or particular issues, we have found that whatever the difficulties people face, the essential first ingredients to overcoming those difficulties are relationships that are helpful. Helpful in that they are; compassionate, honest, reliable, hopeful and are delivered by people who listen. We offer people emotional and practical help to overcome whatever is overwhelming people, we look to utilize people's strengths, knowledge and wisdom as well as those of their families and friends where possible.

If someone is referred to us we will go and meet them to find out what is happening or has happened in their lives and how we might help. We then provide a report and an estimate for the number of hours required and how much this will cost. If this is accepted and agreed we can then start work with that person.

As well as the help outlined above, we also offer more focused help in the following areas; Community Outreach, Help in Cluttered Homes, Student Support, Art For Wellbeing and Supported Living.

Community Outreach, are available to visit people in their homes and help them to overcome the difficulties that they are experiencing. Our Outreach Team can help with a wide range of issues and, look to find ways for people to live the lives that they choose for themselves.

Student Support is the work we do in higher education with students who are experiencing emotional problems and who qualify for Disabled Student Allowance. Our Mentors are able to meet regularly with students and help them to focus upon the challenges of succeeding with their studies. We also offer students Study Skills support which can help them with specific needs that they have in completing their work.

Help in Cluttered Homes provides people with the practical and emotional help when they are overwhelmed by their possessions in their homes. This is an issue which is incredibly common and, but if not addressed, can have damaging consequences for people, with fire risks being particularly high. Our Team can help people to make their homes safe and the homes that they want them to be.

Art For Wellbeing, gives people the opportunity to have one to one time with one of our artists, in order to discover how art can help them with how they are feeling. Art and creativity is a proven way of enabling people to express themselves and achieving a state of mind that is transformative. Out artists are trained artists and also trained in making and sustaining helpful relationships with people.

Our supported living includes flats which we provide visiting support to, as well as the option of living in a one bedroomed flat with staff there, with the person up to 24 hours a day. This flexibility enables people to develop towards independence and provides continuity of relationships as people progress.

The whole aim of YLOH is to be helpful, if you think we can help you or someone you know, please get in touch.




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Kelly Moulton
Service Leader
01473 487676
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Sproughton House

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0800 133 7355

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All Suffolk

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Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
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Our Help to People is 7 days a week including bank holidays

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Age Groups
16-25 years, Adults, Young people

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