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Gateway to Homechoice

General Details

Gateway to Homechoice is the choice based lettings scheme for council and housing association properties in the following seven local authority areas:

  • Babergh District Council
  • Braintree District Council
  • Colchester Borough Council
  • East Suffolk Council
  • Ipswich Borough Council
  • Maldon District Council
  • Mid Suffolk District Council

How the scheme operates

The 7 local authorities in the Gateway to Homechoice scheme advertise vacancies in rented social housing using the same system that operates as follows:

  • Each week the vacant social housing in the area of operation of the 7 local authorities is advertised on the Gateway to Homechoice website.
  • Applicants who are registered can indicate up to 2 properties they are interested in either online or by phone.
  • All of the vacancies advertised through the scheme are owned by councils or housing associations.
  • All of the local authorities operate the same allocations policy.

Who to contact

See website for your local contact details

Where to go

Area served

Other details

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