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National Sealyham Terrier Rescue

Rehoming Sealyham Terriers in distress.

All the dogs we re-home are matched with owners carefully ensuring a good bond between people and the dog is made.

We do home checks for all the new homes our dogs are placed in.

Who to contact

Mr & Mrs A Mills
01206 337279

Additional contact

Mrs Margaret Beales
01953 498707

Where to go

National Sealyham Terrier Rescue
Area served
All Suffolk

Other details

Age Groups

On-going list of people willing to re-home Sealyham Terriers kept. All rescues in the breed carried out through us. Information required of any Sealyham Terrier which might need to be re-homed. Advice on breed given. Part of Scottish emergency care scheme.

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"Bertie" The Sealyham Terrier Rated 5 out of 5
I will be eternally grateful to Anne & Chris Mills for introducing me to my best waggy friend, “Bertie” The Sealyham Terrier. His previous owners were kind and loving but due to personal circumstances, they needed to find a new forever home and asked Anne Mills for help. I immediately agreed but knowing next to nothing about the Sealyham Terrier, I consulted the internet and discovered a lot of information. What it doesn’t say is how loyal and affectionate these terriers are. And what a wonderful companion dog that constantly makes me smile at his antics and comical nature. These animals love going on walks but are actually quite lazy. As long as he has my company, Bertie seems quite happy to settle down and sleep for several hours. I keep him fairly short clipped which aids with his bathing and grooming as he loves to roll in mud and the usual muck that dogs so much enjoy. So thank you to Anne & Chris for bringing us together as Bertie has made a big difference to my life and I am grateful.

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Review submitted on 13/04/2019


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