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Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis is a One Stop Shop to book a wide range of disabled taxis in a variety of destinations from anywhere in the world using your chosen currency.

We are a specialist online taxi booking service focused on making accessible transfers as easy as possible. Whether it's for your disabled holidays, Summer Holiday or just a City Break, we are here to take the stress out of getting you to your accommodation and back again.

 With an extensive list of taxi suppliers all over the world, Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis is a simple solution to sourcing accessible or non-accessible taxis for wheelchair users in your destination. 

Facilities provided are:

  • Wheelchair taxi will be at your pick-up location arrival or shortly after
  • Accessible and Non-Accessible Taxis in UK and abroad
  • Booking Vouchers with QR Codes
  • Payment online!

In US we provide disabled taxis in Florida, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Orlando and many more places.



Who to contact

Dana Malone
Social Media
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10 North Grange
G61 3AE

Where to go

Area served
All Suffolk

We also have an office in London of which address is :

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis

83 Victoria Street




Days & Times

Open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday 9 am to 2 pm
Time of day

Other details

Age Groups
16-25 years, Adults

We have 2 sister companies 'Disabled Access Holidays' and 'Mobility Equipment Hire Direct'.

Services provided by Disabled Access Holidays are: 

  1. Disabled Holidays
  2. Cottages for disabled people
  3. Disabled self catering accommodation
  4. disabled holiday cottages with hoists
  5. Disabled holiday accommodation with electric beds service
  6. city breaks for disabled
  7. wheelchair friendly accommodation UK
  8. accessible cottages UK
  9. Disabled countryside cottage UK
  10. Accessible city accommodation UK
  11. luxury disabled holiday cottages
  12. disabled holiday accommodation with profiling bed
  13. disabled holiday accommodation with wet room
  14. ceiling hoist users club
  15. accessible hotels
  16. Accessible accommodation in Cornwall
  17. Accessible accommodation in Devon
  18. Accessible accommodation in Somerset
  19. Accessible accommodation in Gloucestershire
  20. Accessible accommodation in Dorset
  21. Accessible accommodation in Lancashire
  22. Accessible accommodation in Cheshire
  23. Accessible accommodation in Cumbria
  24. Accessible accommodation in Northumberland
  25. Accessible accommodation in Shropshire
  26. Accessible accommodation in Lincolnshire
  27. Accessible accommodation in Derbyshire
  28. Accessible accommodation in North Yorkshire
  29. wheelchair friendly accommodation UK
  30. accessible accommodation UK
  31. holidays for disabled and carers
  32. city breaks for disabled
  33. accessible cottages UK
  34. Disabled countryside cottage UK
  35. Accessible city accommodation UK
  36. Luxury disabled holiday cottages
  37. Wheelchair adapted cottages UK

Services provided by Mobility Equipment Hire Direct are:

Specific Services provided by us:



Local Offer

Local Offer

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