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Physics and Maths Tutor and Examination Consultant

Coronavirus Support

Tuition as in normal times except that it will be online, using video sessions and video/audio discussion of e-mailed graphics and documents.

Special - this summer term telephone or e-mail help for parents.

Help for parents who are helping pupils learn maths or physics at home. If you e-mail me, telling me about the help you need and the age of the pupil, I will let you know if I and how can help. Some simple queries could be answered by e-mail, but a phone response is likely to be best in most cases. Please include a Landline number in your e-mail. If you do not have a landline I could send a number and a time for you to ring me. This help is being given free  If there is a very large demand, I may have to restrict help to physics and to my local area.

General Details

Tuition will be online using video sessions and video/audio discussion of e-mailed graphics and documents.


1) Private tuition in students' homes in the Sudbury and Hedingham Areas or at Wickham House Gestingthorpe.

2) Examination Advice including remarking.

3) Short courses for industry or professions (including teaching staff development).

Retired experienced tutor who taught A level and GCSE for 37 years.

Who to contact

Steve Bolter

Where to go

Physics and Maths Tutor and Examination Consultant
Students' home (or workplace)
OR at Wickham House
Area served
Venue Email
Parking available
Sudbury to Halstead Bus stops in Sudbury Road, Gestingthorpe, 50 metres from Wickham House.

Days & Times

10:30 am to 10pm by appointment

Other details

Cost Details
Depends on level and amount of preparation involved.
Age Groups
Adults, Young people

Private tuition for all ages over 15.  Small group short course tuition. Training sessions, including staff development.

Physics up to A level, basic mathematics, mathematics in application, energy and the environment. climate change.

Due to other commitments I am no longer able to keep up with the changes in the various examining boards exam syllabi and their examiners' likes and dislikes. 

I thus thus offer help with understanding, rather than exam preparation, unless specifically engaged to put in the time to prepare for it. 

Service users involved in planning
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