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E-zec Medical Transport Services Ltd

General Details

E-zec is a leading provider of high quality, fully tailored ambulance transport solutions to the NHS and private sector.

Who to contact

0300 999 6666
Unit 14 and 16
Betts Avenue, Martlesham Heath Business Park

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Rated 1 out of 5
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After booking for transport to Norwich Hospital for my husband's MRI scan the transport arrived late and then told us we were put down for James Paget Hospital. It was too late to get us to Norwich and thus my husband lost his appointment for his brain scan. Due to the total incompetence of a member of staff my husband's life has yet had to be put on hold.
Absolutely disgusting
I called on behalf of my mum. Despite being her carer they were going to refuse to let me travel with her, I eventually got agreement from a separate department and when I went to book the transport I was asked some very invasive questions.  I was then told that because she received disability benefits she can afford to pay for a taxi . Obviously I wasn't impressed. I told them that it was in order to see whether my mum has cancer or not and so a very important appointment. The response I got was absolutely disgusting.  I was told that they wouldn't be able to help right now but if my mum was diagnosed with cancer then they would be happy to help. This company should be ashamed of themselves. How they can work in the health and care sector when they don't actually care or have any compassion is beyond me