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Association of Lipspeakers

Coronavirus Support

Lipspeakers are currently working within safety guidelines and to respect client safety at all times. Lipspeakers can offer a service over a remote connection if required as an alternative to in-person appointments. 

General Details

Spoken words made visible - The Association of Lipspeakers is the professional body that represents Lipspeakers. Lipspeakers are hearing people who provide communication support for deaf people for whom spoken English is their first language.  Lipspeakers listen to what is being said and repeat it, silently or with voice, to the deaf person who can then lipread them.  Details of qualified and NRCPD-registered lipspeakers are found on our website www.lipspeaking.co.uk or you can search at www.nrcpd.org.uk

Who to contact

Frances Harris
ALS Committee member
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Committee members are working Lipspeakers who volunteer their time on the Committee. Please allow 1-3 working days for a response to your email.

Where to go

Area served
All Suffolk

Other details

Age Groups

Lipspeaking is a communication support service which improves access for people who are hearing impaired or profoundly deaf, and who use lip pattern to help them understand speech. Lipspeaking costs are covered by public service providers (NHS, GP, Council, DWP and other such services.) At work, the Access to Work scheme may help towards the cost of a lipspeaker. Instead of making do, or asking a friend to help you lipread the doctor, why not request a lipspeaker for your next appointment?

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