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BL Tae Kwon - Do Schools

General Details

Tae Kwon-Do will improve your fitness, flexibility and most of all your confidence. It will help control and channel your aggression should the need arise. From the very first lesson you will start to develop a whole new range of skills and capabilities with the opportunity to realise self achievement.

Who to contact

Bruce Lapthorn
Chief Instructor
01354 693554 07816 032265
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Where to go

BL Tae Kwon - Do Schools
We have various venues across Suffolk
please visit our web site or contact us directly.
Area served
All Suffolk

Days & Times

Visit our web site for the latest information. https://www.bl-taekwondo-schools.co.uk

Other details

Age Groups
Children (5-11), Adults, Young people

Children who acquire self confidence at an early age are far more likely to succeed in their adult ambitions. Tae Kwon-Do is arguably the best method of instilling confidence into children and at the same time emphasises the importance of respect and discipline. As a result of its fast, fun and exciting nature, Tae Kwon-Do is practiced by thousands of children throughout the UK and millions world wide. So why don't you help them, help themselves!! In Tae Kwon-Do you'll learn to stretch and exercise nearly every muscle group in your body. That aspect alone distinguishes the sport from most others. But emphasis on improved concentration, stamina and self control is what really sets Tae Kwon-Do apart from other disciplines. To develop these skills, you'll exercise your mind at least as much as your body. Naturally, the positive effects of that exercise will carry over into other areas of your life too.

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