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General Details

GamFam is a charity that supports families of those affected by a gambling disorder.  

Our aim is:

  • To help families recognise the early warning signs associated with an online gaming addiction and how this could potentially lead to a child developing a compulsive gambling disorder
  • To ensure families have the knowledge and understanding to put in place supportive and preventative strategies before the lure of gambling sets in
  • To be a ‘one-stop shop’ for families to offer practical advice, guidance and support and to provide links to the services that are available
  • To deliver educational programmes to both children and their families at schools, clubs, colleges, universities and beyond to  offer an ‘early intervention through education’ approach.


GRA5P Programme

GamFam is a registered Charity (1191139) set up by those who have experienced first-hand the devastating effects that gambling can have on family and friends. GamFam offer support through GRA5P – The GamFam Recovery and Support Programme which is a structured 5-stage self-help programme designed specifically to support those affected by someone else’s gambling. It offers guidance on how families and friends can help themselves, which in turn will help their family member, as well as practical suggestions for coping day-by-day and moving towards a more positive future

Parents and Carers Information and Awareness Programme

GamFam also delivers tailored information and awareness programmes in schools to parents and families to help them recognise the early warning signs associated with both gaming and gambling disorders and suggests practical strategies to support families combat them.

The digital world that we live in can be a minefield for families and parents/carers. The way in which children ‘game’ now is completely different to how modern-day parents/carers would have experienced. The ‘monetization’ of gaming is at the forefront of research and there are increasing concerns surrounding online gaming and the subsequent links this has with underage gambling as well as the adverse effects this can have on a child's well-being both at school and at home.

GamFam are able to offer free of charge traditional parent/carer evening presentations but can also deliver more informal smaller workshop-style sessions to help families recognise the early warning signs associated with a gaming addiction and how this could potentially lead to a child developing a gambling disorder. We also provide families with practical and effective strategies to support and work alongside their child at an early age to help minimise the risks associated with this type of behaviour.

Our 'Early Years' programme is aimed at parents/carers of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 children. The 'Preparing for 18' programme is for parents/carers of older children at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 with an additional focus on the transition to University/world of work if delivered to the parents/carers of Sixth Form students.

Further details can be found on our website www.gamfam.co.uk but if you have any questions or would like to discuss booking a free of charge presentation then please do e-mail info@gamfam.co.uk

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Steve Watts
Founder and CEO
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19 Hollywells Road

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