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Stuart George (Little Monsters)


Little Monsters is probably unlike any other childminding setting your child and yourself will ever come across. It tailors the setting around the needs of every single child that walks through the door. It listens to parents concerns and does not simply dismiss them, believing that as an experience professional I know better. It recognises you the child’s main carer as the expert on the child you are looking for a place for, and takes the information you give to it seriously. My expertise is children under 5 years old and I concentrate on the prime areas outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage the document that every setting works too and judged on by Ofsted. Which are communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal Social and Emotional Development. In simple terms I look at how children communicate, how confident they are and how they run, jump and climb, and work to ensure children are confident in themselves and their abilities. The toys are not fancy a lot of the toys are very old, but the kids love them all and get great fun out of using them building up relationships with the friends they make here. What children need is an adults time and patience and someone that is ready and willing to give them the time they need to develop into confident, fun loving articulate young people that are prepared and ready for their life at school. It should also be pointed out that no child that has started at Little Monsters has ever left until it is time for them to venture off to the school environment. Even then most stay if the school they go to is one I can collect from. If you want someone to make a real difference to your child’s life, why don’t you come and see me.

Who to contact

Stuart George
NR34 8DN
01502 575426
Social Media
 Like us on Facebook
Contact Notes

Stuart is available to take enquiries 7 days a week, please feel free to contact me anytime

Venue Details

Little Monsters
Venue Email
Parking available
Parking details
plenty of places to park
There is one bus stop in Brampton and the train station is 2.5 miles down the road
Restrictions to access
access to the property as you would expect is restricted to customers only.

 My childminding setting consists of the entire downstairs of my home, the toys supplied each day depend on the needs of the children which will always depend on their individual interests. The outside area is a large lawn area full of slides, ride on toys a sand pit, and a variety of other toys, too numerous to mention here. And upstairs there is a room that is solely used for sleep time

I am fully sendco trained and do not shy away from a child in the way that many other settings may do because the child appears to be finding life harder than other children their age. I instead help us both understand the difficulties your child faces and am happy to involve anyone who can help your child understand the world. 


30 Hours Extended Entitlements

Registered to provide 30 Hours?


Last updated
Immediate vacancies
Other information
Due to children going to school I now have 2 spaces available but they are filling up fast so be quick

Days & times

Monday: 07:00 - 18:00
Tuesday: 0700 - 1800
Wednesday: 0700 - 1800
Thursday: 0700 - 1800
Friday: 0700 - 1800
Friday: 0700 - 1800
Saturday: Closed unless extremely urgent - closed unless extremely urgent
Sunday: closed unless extremely urgent - closed unless extremely urgent

Inclusive Provisions

Wheelchair access
Yes - This childminder has level access to their premises.
Cultural provisions
Yes - I am currently studying for my BA(hons) degree in Early Years, and as part of that am learning about different cultures I have always been willing to cater for and embrace new cultures within the setting
Individual dietary needs
Yes - We can accommodate all dietary needs with your help
Recent experience of supporting children with additional needs
Yes - Stuart works with parents, the early years team and outside agencies to provide the best care for your child, and has successfully ensured a child has diagnosis before they started school once since becoming a sendco, If I have not listed your child's condition this does not mean that I am not willing to, it only means that up until now I havent had experience of it, if you are willing to give me a chance to learn I am certainly willing look at the possibility.
Specific additional needs this setting has experience of
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
Autistic spectrum
Cerebral Palsy
Challenging Behaviour
Communication difficulties
Emotional needs
Hearing Difficulties
Learning difficulties
Mentally Disabled


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
10 hour day £43 2 years - per day
40 hour week £172 2 years - per week
over and above your funded entitlement £4.50 3 years plus - Per hour
A ten hour day above any funded hours £43 3 years plus - per day
£10 per child After School Session (per day)
The Hourly Rate becomes cheaper the more hours you need a full week (40 hours) would be £4.30 per hour Less than 10 hours per week is £5.20 per hour anything over 10 hours and the rate begins to drop message me for more details please I have listed some above but please do get in touch if your requirements are not there

Other Details

Accessible parking, Adventure play area, Arts and crafts, Baby facilities, Close to parks, Computer, Enclosed outdoor play area, Garden, Healthy eating, Homework support, Kitchen, Out-door play, Outdoor play equipment, Pet cats, Pet dogs, Pet fish, Pets, Playroom, Private changing area, Quiet area, Sensory play equipment, Sleeping area, Slide, TV, TV - DVD, Take children on outings
School pickups
Brampton Church of England Primary School (Beccles)
Ringsfield Church of England Primary School (Beccles)
Further information about pick-ups
We will consider picking up from any pre-schools/nurseries/playgroups or schools in Beccles but obviously will need to fit in with those we currently do. Please ask.
Cater for over 8s
Age Range
From 0 Year(s) 3 month(s)
To 12 Year(s) 0 month(s)

I am willing to work with all children no matter what their difficulties might be if I can so please do contact me if you need something 

Offers Tax Free Childcare
Last Updated

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
27/05/2009Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
12/06/2015Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
14/09/2018Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

Local Offer Local Offer Record

Experience of including people with special educational needs and disabilities

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities information sheet

Little Monsters- supporting children through the Local Offer

So what can Little Monsters offer children with Special Educational Needs?

Little Monsters is welcoming to all, Stuart George the childminder at Little Monsters believes that the Personal, Social and Emotional wellbeing of children is crucial for allowing children to overcome barriers to learning new things.

Supporting this Stuart has strong links between himself and the Early Years Team, the Speech Therapy Department, and the physiotherapy

How does Little Monsters know how to help your child?

·         Stuart would use information from previous settings (including the settings key worker)

·         Stuart would use Information gathered from outside agencies( e.g speech therapy) if there are any

·         Stuart would use information provided by you as the child’s dedicated carers

Within Little Monsters

·         Stuart would work with any agencies already involved in your child’s care and arrange for them to visit the setting to advise him on how best to provide for your child.

·         Stuart would consult you before making any changes, to ensure he is doing right.

Who will write my child’s Individual Educational Plan I.E.P

Stuart is a fully qualified SENDco and will write the I.E.P for you and it will be something you will have to agree with Stuart before it can be implemented, it will also be explained to the child where possible.


What should I do if I think my child has a Special Need?

Speak to Stuart straight away, he may of noticed something too, but may not feel it important at this stage in your child’s development, working together is the key to success SEN or not.

How will the activities be matched to my child’s abilities?

Stuart is used to adapting the activities he does so that everyone can understand and succeed at them, and because Stuart is a sole childminder working alone the number of children is small no more than 3 at a time this task is achieved with relative ease.

How will you help me help my child’s learning?

Every child’s I.E.P is shared with parents and their consent sort before its implementation, and you will be constantly advised of the activities taking place each day, talking to Stuart George about how to assist your child with particular activities if you are unsure would be the best way.

How do I know how much progress my child is making?

Stuart George uses an online EYFS learning journeys on a system called Baby days on which you can check your child’s progress 24/7. Photographs of your child and observations for them are uploaded on a regular basis for you to see and comment on. It is also possible for parents and carers to upload photos and observations of their own to help ensure a full picture. Your child’s I.E.P is reviewed every half term by Stuart and your input is always asked for because it is invaluable.

What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

TAC and CIN meeting will be held when they are required.

Health care plans and medical needs catered for

Every activity will be achievable for your child which will boost his confidence giving your child a “have a go “attitude.

Stuart is always available to discuss your concerns

What specialist support does the setting have?


Always listens to you and your children,

 Is extremely patient,

Is SENDco trained,

Has done ECAT training,

Has learnt about children with autism

Is about to undertake sign language training

He Is doing a Foundation Degree in Early Years designed to help him have a better understanding of young children throughout the world

Is willing to undertake any training that would help a young child thrive within the setting

How will Little Monsters help prepare my child for school?

We would put all the information together in a transition passport for the school, and hold a school liaison meeting which would involve as many specialists as required to help the transition become as smooth as possible, and all special needs information would be transferred to the SENDco team within the school


Stuart George
01502575426 or 07788409172
facebook page
web site
Conditions Supported
Autistic spectrum conditions
Communication difficulties
Health conditions
Learning difficulties
Physical disabilities
Sensory impairments

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Rated 5 out of 5
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Excellency in Childcare
Mr Stuart George has looked after my beautiful little daughter since she was 9 months old. I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more genuine and caring Childminder. Looking after and nurturing children isn't just an idea that this man plucked from his brain and thought, 'hmmm that might be a good career' no, it is his calling. He is exceptionally gifted, all the children love him and he genuinely loves to see these young people develop and grow and blossom into the new generation. He has also looked after my wife's two children previously and they are performing really well. Having your children with stuart will set them up brilliantly. he will help them to have a great start in life and they will be ahead for when they start education. He is safe, responsible, reliable, exceptional, just can't praise this man enough. He cares and it comes across, see for yourself, you'll be glad you did. Joshua Gray-Read
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