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BUTTERFLY BLUE- Independent Thrive Approach Practitioner

General Details

Independent Thrive Practitioner supporting children to develop their social and emotional wellbeing using the Thrive Approach enabling them to engage with life and learning. Working with schools, alternative educational provision and families to support children and young people to grow, thrive and flourish. The Thrive Approach can also be used to support troubling behaviours which can disrupt class life and provide a firm foundation for academic attainment

​Butterfly Blue Solutions can also support your educational setting to offer clear evidence to Governors and Ofsted about how you support children with measures of individual progress and change which will support their learning outcomes.

What I Offer

As an independent Thrive Practitioner, I understand the fields of neuroscience, attachment theory and child development to support children to be healthy, happy and confident and who are ready and open to learning.

Some children may have experienced difficult life events which have made if hard to engage with life and learning. As a Thrive Practitioner, I will draw on insights from all my knowledge and experience to support children and young people to develop their social and emotional development.

Other benefits of using the Thrive Approach in your setting can be, increased attendance, improve relationships between peers and between learners and staff and a reduction of staff stress. I can also provide evidence of progress in children's emotional and social skills and provide evidence about how you work with vulnerable and challenging children.

Who to contact

Carolyn Shaw
Independent Thrive Practitioner
07884 468332
Social Media
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Please feel free to contact me either via the mobile number, via my email or you can send a contact form via my website and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Where to go

I work within schools settings or alternative educational settings across East Suffolk and Ipswich
Area served

Days & Times

Butterfly Blue is available throughout the school day as well as evenings for meetings. Also available via phone/email/face to face in holidays
Session Information
Sessions take place during school hours

Other details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
From £30 Per hour
Cost Details
Please see additional documents for outline of costs- please note, these are only and outline so please contact me to see how I can support your school and work within any budget constraints
Referral required?
Age Groups
Children (5-11), Young people

Accreditation website
Accreditation details
Thrive Approach Practitioner in Childhood Years, BSc (Hons) Behavioural Sciences, Post Graduate Certificate in Management


As part of my offer I deliver all of the sessions with all of the materials required for each individual child linked to the activities in their personal action plan which is created via Thrive Online.

I also hold IT licenses to access Thrive Online as a practitioner (only qualified practitioners are able to access Thrive Online) allowing speed to implement this intervention into your setting.

Service users involved in planning
Last Updated

Nursery provision

30 Hours Extended Entitlements

Registered to provide 30 Hours?

Inclusive Provisions

Wheelchair access
Yes - I work within schools, therefore accessibility is based upon the schools
Recent experience of supporting children with additional needs
Specific additional needs this setting has experience of
Challenging Behaviour
Emotional needs
Social development impairment
Arts and crafts

Other Details

Offers Tax Free Childcare

Local Offer Local Offer Record

Experience of including people with special educational needs and disabilities

The Thrive Approach is appropriate for all children who are needing to develop a better understanding of their social and emotional skills and need support to nurture these. Working with children to develop these skills links directly to the Children and Young People's Emotional Wellbeing Plan 2020.

Supporting children to understand their feelings, recognise and name anxiety, stress, anger, or vulnerability to name only a few, help them to understand and deal with these feelings. Using latest neuroscience within sessions, also helps children to understand their brain and what is happening to take away fears about what is happening to them and to develop strategies and tools to cope when big feelings hit.

Children with diagnosed disorders who also need support to nurture their social and emotional skills would be supported through the Thrive Approach through thorough individual assessment and observations as well as individual Action Plans which are created with key adults who know the child well in order to focus on the areas where they need support.

Carolyn Shaw
0788 4468332
Conditions Supported
Autistic spectrum conditions
Communication difficulties
Learning difficulties
Mental health conditions

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Rated 5 out of 5
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Brilliant outcomes for our children
The Thrive Approach has really helped children at our school who have not triggered other support. After as short a time as 6 weeks, with sessions once a week, we have seen changes in how they engage and learn. We have found Carolyn to be very professional and has always been flexible in her approach to the needs of our school and pupils. Mark Girling- Head Teacher Melton Primary School
Excellent service supporting our children's social and emotional development
The Thrive Approach has proven to be very successful for a range of children in our school. Carolyn has provided invaluable support in getting us started with introducing the Thrive Approach across our Federation and we have managed to launch it much quicker than we would have done without her guidance. Carolyn has worked 1:1 with a number of children across KS1; assessing, planning and delivering engaging and purposeful sessions with pupils', all of which looked forward to their weekly session. She provided all her own resources as we were still in the process of setting up appropriate rooms in the school. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Thrive and this comes across in her approach to working with the children. She worked in a professional manner, was flexible to our school's needs and worked well with staff across the school to feedback and offer advice, where necessary. She reviewed each pupil in 6-weekly cycles and produced detailed intervention reports providing us with a detailed overview of progress and targets which we could share with both parents and other professionals working with the children. In addition, Carolyn has also planned and delivered whole staff training across the Federation, helped me as SENDCo to put together a proposal (including financial costs) for school governors and has mentored one of our support staff as she embarked on her 10-day training course. I would highly recommend Carolyn as a Thrive Practitioner.  Emma Gooding - SENDCo across the Federation of Fairfield and Colneis.
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