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Battlefield Live - East Anglia

Battlefield LIVE East Anglia is an exciting combat based outdoor activity offered at several locations in East Anglia including Ipswich, Thetford Forest and Peterborough. If you have ever played combat games on a games console or PC and enjoyed the thrill of one to one combat or team challenges, then now it is time to live them! Just turn up with a few friends kit yourself out with all the gear provided including protective clothing, weapons with sensors and guns and it’s time for action!

It's great fun and like being in your own Action Movie!

Who to contact

Battlefield Live
01284 336400
Jimmy's Farm
Pannington Hall Lane

Additional contact

Additional Website

Where to go

Battlefield Live - East Anglia
Various locations across East Anglia.
Area served
Suffolk Coastal, Ipswich, Brandon
Parking available
Restrictions to access
Due to the nature of the sport and age restriction applies, anyone is welcome from the age of 8 upwards.

Days & Times

We are open 7 days a week from 10.00 am to Dusk, night time sessions by appointment. A Safety briefing is included in each session. Please visit our web site for more detailed information.

Other details

Cost Details
From £15 pounds per person. Please see second website link for more details.
Age Groups
Children (5-11), Adults, Young people

Battlefield LIVE is an ideal alternative to Paintballing where you can enjoy all the excitement and adrenalin rush without the risk of being bruised by a stray paintball pellet. Battlefield LIVE is played in pretty much the same way as paintball with various activities available such as death match and team mission objectives. The biggest difference between the two sports is the weapons used at Battlefield LIVE do not fire projectiles but instead fires an infrared beam of light that activates sensors fitted to various pieces of your opponents kit that flash red indicating a successful hit. These sensors shine red continuously and are highly visible to prevent cheating and once a player uses all their lives it will deactivate their gun. Gaming offers re-spawns so the competitor is quickly returned to the action.

Minimum Age 8 years

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