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Kotokukan Budo Rengokai traditional Japanese Martial arts.

A Traditional Martial arts club which is a member of the Nippon Seibukan Academy, Kyoto, Japan. We offer quality instruction in the traditional Japansee martial arts of Nihon Jujutsu- Ko Kamishin Ryu Jujutsu- Hakkoryu Jujutsu and Toyama Ryu Iai Do. We are also extremely honoured to be the only officially licenced Hakkoryu Jujutsu school in the UK with Sensei Allum being a licenced Shihan Kaiden master instructor with his grades and titles being issued after passing tests at the Head quarters in Omiya Japan. (Menkyo Shihan Kaiden and Koho shiatsu licence issued and signed by Nidai Soke Okuyama). Traditional Jujutsu has evolved into an excellent self defence system for today's world yet has managed to hold onto the traditional martial values of old Budo ways.

only individuals registered at Hakkoryu hombu are allowed to teach hakkoryu arts please check at hakkoryu . Com.

Lloyd Allum Hanshi is the world head of kokamishin ryu jujutsu and only he can issue ranks, titles or grades in this art, and has authorised no one else to do so on his behalf. If in doubt contact him directly. 

We welcome new members at any time of the year from complete novice to experienced martial artists, everyone is welcome at the Kotokukan Dojo.

Who to contact

Lloyd Allum
President and founder of Kotokukan Budo Rengokai.
Social Media
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Additional contact


Where to go

Kotokukan Budo Rengokai.
Goals Soccer Centre
Suffolk New College
College drive off Grimwade Street
Area served
Venue Email
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Parking details
Free Parking at both the front and rear of the building

Chief instructor Lloyd Allum is the world head of Kokamishin ryu jujutsu and the personal representative of Soke Don Phillip the head of the Kanda Ha Kamishin Ryu Aiki Jujutsu school. Hakkoryu Jujutsu Menkyo shihan and licenced dojo authorised by Nidai Soke Okuyama, Hakkoryu Jujutsu Hombu, Omiya Japan.

We are the only school of martial arts in the U.K. authorised to grade people in either of the above mentioned arts. If you have any doubts about other organisations offering certificates in the art of Kokamishin Ryu or Kamishin Ryu in the U.K please contact us for verification.

Days & Times

Thursdays 8pm-9.30pm. Saturdays 10am - 12pm

Other details

Cost Details
£7.00 per session If you wanted to become a club member there is a small fee for insurance and membership.
Age Groups
Disabled Parking, Wheelchair Access, Lift, Adapted Toilet

Accreditation details
Kotokukan is a member organisation of the Nippon Seibukan Academy/Zen Nihon Sogo Budo Renmei, Kyoto, Japan


Kotokukan Budo Rengokai offers high quality instruction for male and female members aged 16 and upwards.  No booking required just turn up and pay £5.00 for mat fees. There is an annual membership and insurance fee of £20 per person..

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