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IDL Literacy and Numeracy

IDLS Group Ltd

IDL Literacy is a web based intervention software, specifically designed to help improve the reading and spelling ability of those with dyslexia and dyslexic tendencies.  Many schools have also reported the benefit of using IDL with those who: are autistic, have Meares-Irlen Syndrome, are EAL learners or struggling with reading and spelling in general.  The program consists of over 1 000 lessons, which provides structured, sequential learning with a multi-sensory approach.  Over 2 500 schools currently use our software nationally and internationally.

To complement the literacy programme, IDL Numeracy was launched in September 2018, created to help pupils who find Maths difficult.  It uses a similar methodology to IDL Literacy, and is mapped to the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum.

The most recent addition to our resources is a 'Maths Screener', which will help to identify particular problems in nine areas including, sequencing, visual working memory and number stroop.  There is no charge for the screener if you have either of our programmes -IDL Literacy  or IDL Numeracy.

The cost of IDL for schools starts at £399 + VAT for a multi user site licence - we also offer home user licences at a reduced rate for single/four users.

We provide trials and demonstrations of both programmes, so if you represent a school and would like to find out more, request a trial or demonstration, please visit our website: www.idlsgroup.comAlternatively, if you’d like to talk to someone in person, please contact me directly using the details provided.

Who to contact

David Walker
Interventions Advisor
01524 587062
Ascentis House
Lancaster Business Park
3 Mannin Way
Caton Road

IDLS Group Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Ascentis, the awarding organisation, based in Lancaster.

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Area served
All Suffolk

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Home user licence from                               £99 + VAT
School multi user site licence from              £399 + VAT

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