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Noise Solution

Music mentoring as a way to engage and impact statistically significantly on peoples well-being. We pair musicians with people who want to make their own genre of music, going to their own home initially to help them make the music they like, whatever it is

  • Sessions last 2 hrs a week, and happen weekly over 10 weeks
  • We build a digital story around that musical journey and share this with people the participant has identified as important in their life
  • Those people then help co-create the digital story by commenting
  • This has been proven to improve well-being, with transformative impacts on education, health, engagement outcomes


Short 3 minute video introducing Noise Solution's work

Noise Solution work one to one with people in many different challenging circumstances. The youngest we've worked with was 7 and the eldest 60. Most of our work though is between 12 to 25. We use music mentoring as a way to engage and impact on peoples well-being. We know if we do this we will impact on levels of self-confidence, engagement, health and educational outcomes. They don't need any experience at all, but they must be interested in music. Here's a short 3 minute video about what we do and how we've built an evidence base for the work we do.

Research states that increases in Well-being lead to better health, motivational and educational outcomes. Noise Solution is statistically significant in increasing Well-being, specialising in working with those individuals that services such as mental health or education, often struggle to engage with. To achieve these results we pair professional musicians with people in challenging circumstances. Over 10 weeks, a co-negotiated task-based project is completed, centred around the musical interests of the participant. This starts as outreach, in participants homes, and often progresses to a commercial recording studio Digital video, photo's, text and audio mirror their successful music creation sessions. Links to the platform are easily emailed weekly to family, school, professional key workers etc.

This 360-degree digital platform is a 'digital window of opportunity' providing a positive chance to engage meaningfully with participants, via comments left for participants to see. Everyone can 'virtually' be in the room, without having to physically be there. It is not just about capturing the impact though, the digital narrative co-created by everyone, as they leave comments, drives the impact as participants see others validating their success. Participants develop a task orientated music task, Digital narrative provides a platform for engagement around that positive experience  

Our model is underpinned by academic and practical research (Deci and Ryan, 2013). The specific aim is of strengthening the three psychological underpinnings of Well-being. Those being competence, autonomy and relatedness. Autonomy is established through co-negotiated project goals, competency through quick success at something societally perceived as complicated (creating music) and relatedness through the creation of a 360-degree digital platform enabling communication and recognition of success.You can view an example here where school, family and participant have all co-created a positive story around the participant's musical journey.  

The cabinet office recently funded a £30,000 independent impact report of Noise Solution's work (attached). It identified that as an approach Noise Solution is proven to be "statistically significant" in increasing well-being (measured using a nationally validated tool, used by the UK Government and the NHS) It also highlighted the following outcomes.

This provider was Quality Assured in 2016 and is now approved as an Alternative Provision setting by Suffolk County Council's Quality Assurance and Provider Development Team - find out more here.

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Simon Glenister
07949 977750
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Noise Solution operates as outreach across Suffolk, we come to you.

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Noise Solution
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We arrange this individually with participants family and their key workers

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Programmes can be from 10 weeks to 12 months, sessions are 2.5 hrs. Prices vary accordingly. Contact us to discuss further
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Referrals should be made once funding has been agreed


Referral form can be found here

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Adults, Young people

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Quality assured by Suffolk, Cambridge and Norfolk County Council's

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Simon Glenister
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Autistic spectrum conditions
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