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June Glennie School of Dance, Beccles and Lowestoft | Community Directory

June Glennie School of Dance, Beccles and Lowestoft

General Details

We are a Dancing School that teaches Ballet Tap, Modern and Singing.

We regularly win National and International competitions and have an unrivalled success rate in our area of getting our pupils into the top Dance & Musical Theatre Colleges.

Who to contact

June Glennie
01502 712741
Social Media
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Where to go

June Glennie School of Dance, Beccles and Lowestoft
The Guild Hall
Lorne Hall
Lorne Road
NR34 9AD
Area served
Lowestoft, Beccles

Days & Times

For further information please see our web site or call our Beccles Studio on 01502 713619 for further details

Other details

Age Groups
Children (5-11), Young people

Accreditation details
June Glennie School of Dance is fully accredited to the Suffolk Children's University.

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Rated 5 out of 5
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Try Ballet !
I danced at June Gleni for nearly 16 years starting at 2 and finising at 18 , i was never the most graceful dancer and i was always quite a clumsy child , but i can honestly say ballet was one of the best experiences of my life and something i have continued on at univeristy. Dance was more than just excerise , i would finish sixth form and the stress of exams to go to the studio where i could just relax , group revise or talk with friends before our classes, the studio became a comfort place to all of us.  As for Sue, Sue is more than your average teacher she watched love island just to chat and gossip with us ! she is the most encouraging person i know, supportive and funny ! I have so much respect for Sue and I'm so glad she was my tecaher ever since i was a toddler. I will awlays be her biggest fan !  Although my time is up at the studio i still stay in contact with Sue and the friends I  made throughout the years. Once you become a June Gleni girl there is no turning back. So if you are scared to try ballet dont be, i promise it will be one of the best experiences of your life. Ballet taught me: respect, discipline, social skills and of course did help with physical fitness, it gave me confdence and helped me get to where i am now so i will forvever be thankful !