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The Sunflower Community Care Farm

The Sunflower Community Care Farm - using farming methods as therapy.

is a not for profit organisation using farming methods for therapy. 

There is robust evidence in support of Care Farming which shows that: 

“Spending time participating in care farm activities is effective in enhancing mood and improving self-esteem.  It can significantly reduce feelings of anger, confusion, depression, tension and fatigue.”

We are open five days a week, with six places each day on a 1:3 ratio.  Sessions run from 10 am until 3 pm and we offer a pick up and drop off service to and from Melton.

Places are available either by referral from Suffolk County Council , primary schools or privately.  Application forms can be downloaded from our website, where our current price list can also be found.

The farm is three and a half acres, surrounded by farmland and with direct access to Rendlesham forest.  There is a relaxed and happy atmosphere where people can feel a sense of purpose and gain confidence and independence. 

We have two horses, three ponies, four goats (Pipkin was born on the farm in March 2018), four chickens, three guinea pigs, three dogs, two cats (who are a bit shy!) four rabbits, several fish and there is also a growing number of other wildlife that frequent the farm! 

All our animals have been chosen for their friendly and calm temperaments.  May, will stand still for as long as she is receiving attention, and Maizie, will lie on your feet to prevent you moving away from her! 

Tilly, our miniature Shetland, is a bit of a free spirit and takes her job of keeping the grass down very seriously.  She wanders around the farm all day, sometimes asking to be in the field with the other horses (which she is allowed to do) and sometimes asking to eat the goat feed (which she is not allowed to do!)

From time to time we have a ‘pop-up’ farm shop at the entrance to the farm where we sell our excess produce, eggs, kindling and manure to raise funds for the farm.

Activities may vary depending on the groups attending and the time of year, but the following are examples of things we do:

  • Feed the animals
  • Collect eggs
  • Walk the goats to eat weeds
  • Plant vegetables
  • Water plants in greenhouse
  • Clear stripped branches from goat field
  • Groom the horses and goats
  • Dust chickens for mites
  • Clip goats’ hooves
  • Sweep tack room
  • Mow grass
  • Weed beds
  • Clean tack
  • Walk the dogs and Tilly
  • Harvest vegetables
  • Clean out the animals
  • Pond dipping
  • When we have enough volunteers available, we also offer riding

Whilst there are plenty of activities to keep us busy all day long, taking time out to sit and pet an animal or listen to our ex-battery chickens cooing happily in their new home, is also an important part of our day.

Who to contact

Tessa Amos
Farm Manager/Managing Director
07850 953351
Social Media
 Like us on Facebook
Neepawa Cottage
Ely Hill
Capel St Andrew

Where to go

The Sunflower Community Care Farm
Neepawa Cottage
Ely Hill
Capel St Andrew
IP12 3NH
Area served
Suffolk, Woodbridge
Venue Email
Venue Website
Parking available
Parking details
There is limited parking available
There is a community bus that can be booked to come to the farm. We offer a pick up and drop off service to and from Melton, by prior arrangement. Collection is 9.30 and drop off is 3.30 pm
Restrictions to access
There are no restrictions to access, except a five bar gate.

The farm is about 3 1/2 acres surrounded by farmland.  There is one large paddock where the horses and ponies are and a smaller paddock for the goats.  There is an enclosed area for the pond and another enclosed area for the chickens, rabbits and guinea-pigs.  There is an enclosed area with 6 raised beds.  There are two seating areas which accomodate about 8 people at each.  There is a sunken trampoline near the pond.  There is a workshop and a meeting room.  Three stables and a tack room.

Days & Times

The farm is open from 10 am until 3 pm
Time of day
Session Information
Sessions run from 10 am until 3 pm
five days a week
including school holidays.

Other details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£30 per session
Referral required?
Referral and availability notes

Referrals can be made via Suffolk County Council or privately.  Referral forms are available from our webiste.  Once we receive your completed application form, we will contact you to arrange a visit.

Age Groups
16-25 years, Children (5-11), Adults, Young people
Sign Language

Accreditation website
Accreditation details
The care farm is accredited by Suffolk County Council and in the process of becoming an alternative education provision.


We cater for adults and children with disabilities and mental health issues.  

Service users involved in planning
There is an element of choice involved at the care farm. Service users have an input into which activities we do.
Last Updated

Local Offer Local Offer Record

Experience of including people with special educational needs and disabilities

Our staff and volunteers all have experience of working with people with SEND.  One member of staff is a primary school teacher who has worked with people with SEND.

Tessa Amos
07850 953351
Conditions Supported
Autistic spectrum conditions
Communication difficulties
Health conditions
Learning difficulties
Mental health conditions
Physical disabilities
Sensory impairments

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