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Last updated 22/03/21

These are our top 10 questions to ask, that may help you decide if an organisation is right for you.

  1. Check if the organisation has a leaflet or web site that gives basic information such as its aims, staff, costs, days and times, and contact details.
  2. Who runs the club, activity or service?  Is it part of a larger organisation such as Scouts or locally organised?  
  3. Do leaders, staff and volunteers have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks?
  4. Check what the ratio is between children and adults. There should be at least two adults present for any activity or meeting.
  5. Ask if there is a written Code of Conduct for staff and volunteers so that everyone knows what standards of behaviour to expect. This might cover things such as physical contact with children, comforting children or vulnerable adults, addressing bullying, etc.
  6. Check if there is a trained first aider on site, and if the organisation has some form of insurance.
  7. Ask how the organisation gains permission before taking children and young people or vulnerable adults on trips and visits.
  8. See if a visit can be arranged so you can see the facilities and environment.
  9. Ask who the best person is to speak to in case there are any issues during your visits.
  10. Finally, try to speak to other people who have been to the club, activity or service you are thinking about going to. They can give you an idea about what it is really like.