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Personal Assistant Finder Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Personal Assistant Finder run by The Suffolk Brokerage Ltd in partnership with Suffolk County Council. You can find out more about us at

You must read through and accept our terms and conditions before you can access the PA Finder. We reserve the right to update our Terms and Conditions from time to time following changes in law.

About us

We are an independent, non-profit making organisation working in the Social Care Sector and work with many organisations to deliver a high quality service. We also offer information, advice and guidance on all aspects of training in the Health and Social Care Sector. The Suffolk Brokerage assists in maintaining high quality standards of care by providing information, advice and guidance to care sector employers and users of service across the county.

About the service

PA Finder gives those looking to employ a Personal Assistant (PA) access to our online register of PA’s looking for employment. PA’s post their credentials and profile allowing you to contact them directly.

The Service is limited to introduction only with a view to both parties entering into an employment or similar arrangement. All PA’s on the register must have a current portable DBS check, where required, The Suffolk Brokerage will undertake the check.

The Service does not provide for an employment relationship or create an agency relationship between any users of the PA Finder.  

The PA Finder does not provide employment advice, recommend or vet any of the PA’s registered, other than as stated above.


The PA Finder is funded by Suffolk County Council and use of the Service is currently free.  We cannot guarantee the Service will remain free but any changes to the terms would be notified in advance.

Register a PA profile

The PA Finder is for legitimate use and allows people looking for a PA to search for specific support to best suit their needs and situation. By registering you consent to your details being available to Service users and receiving direct contact from them. 

By registering your PA profile you warrant that:

  • You are over 18 years old
  • All information given is accurate and not misleading
  • You are a potential PA looking for work in Suffolk
  • If you are no longer looking for work you will remove your profile 

If you would like to speak to someone about the role of a PA and if it is right for you please email

Searching for a PA

By using this Service to search for a PA you warrant that:

  • You are not an Employment Agency with funds agreed or in place to meet the cost of recruitment
  • You are a potential independent Employer

Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the details provided or the suitability of any particular PA and recommend that you undertake your own reference checking.

General rules

While using this Service you must not:

  • Post, list or upload any content or information that is inappropriate, offensive, false, inaccurate, misleading, illegal, defamatory or libellous
  • Breaches any laws, third party rights or our terms and conditions
  • Breaches any copyright material belonging to third parties
  • Distribute or post spam
  • Share personal details without prior consent

Discriminate, directly or indirectly because of age, disability, pregnancy, maternity, gender reassignment, race (which includes colour, nationality and ethnic or nation origins), sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, or because someone is married or in a civil partnership.

Removing your data

If you would like to remove a posting please email Please note your details may not be removed immediately.

Suspending & terminating users

We have the right to suspend or terminate any User at any time if you have, or we have reasonable grounds to believe you have:

  • Breached any of our terms and conditions
  • Engaged in any fraudulent or illegal activity
  • Breach any laws or regulations
  • Acted in a manner, which is deemed inappropriate or inconsistent, by the provider, with the provision of this Service.

Data protection

The Suffolk Brokerage is committed to ensuring that all the information that it gathers as part of its function is utilised in accordance with agreements reached at the time of its collection and in accordance with the legal requirements in respect of data protection.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that data and information that is held by The Suffolk Brokerage is held and used appropriately and is not divulged to third parties other than circumstances that have been agreed or are required by law.

All areas of the work undertaken by The Suffolk Brokerage will adhere to this policy and ensure that the procedures outlined below are adhered to.


  • Publication in directories
    • Information will only be published when express consent has been given
  • Individual enquiries
    • No personal information relating to wither individuals or companies with whom The Suffolk Brokerage has dealings will be given to a third party without the express permission of the individual or company.
  • Access to information
    • All individuals who are the subject of personal data held by The Suffolk Brokerage are entitled to:-
      • Ask what information is held about them and why.
      • Ask how to gain access to that information.
      • Be informed how it is kept up to date.
      • Be informed what The Suffolk Brokerage is doing to comply with its  obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.
    • Individuals are only able to see such information that relates to them.
      • Any request to see such information should be made to the Chair of the Board of  Directors.
      • Requests will be responded to as quickly as possible and no later than 40 days after receipt.
    • Auditors may check our files on behalf of funders in order to confirm the work that has  been undertaken. The strictest confidentiality will be adhered to during this process.
  • Sensitive Personal Data
    • All such data will be retained for no longer than is absolutely necessary and will only be made available to authorised staff. However it should be noted that some data may need to be retained for seven years.
    • Consent
      • Where personal data such as contact details is being collected a fair obtaining clause should be used. The clause will reflect the use of the data. A signed declaration should be included.

Example of declaration

I, on behalf of the listed organisation, confirm that the above details are correct. Please keep our details on computer and on paper and use them for The Suffolk Brokerage purposes and any other purpose outlined above.


Example of fair obtaining clause

Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Controller is The Suffolk Brokerage. The details you provide on this form will be used by The Suffolk Brokerage and agencies delivering services on our behalf in our role as a broker of funding sources.

If you do not want your contact details to be available to other third parties please tick the opt out  box.

I do not wish my contact details to be given to other third parties.

Equality & diversity statement

The Suffolk Brokerage recognises that certain groups in Society are disadvantaged and do not always have access to the same levels of opportunity as others.

This Statement covers those groups of individuals who may experience disadvantage or discrimination as a result of their age, gender, race, disability – either physical or mental, sexual orientation, religious or cultural heritage or religious beliefs.

We are committed to ensuring that the services that we offer are accessible to all individuals working within health and social care, and are free from unlawful and unfair discrimination.

We strongly believe that diversity adds value to health and social care services and The Suffolk Brokerage.  We believe that individual differences and valuing the individual enable us to develop and improve services to those using health and social care services and explore new ideas.

We expect all our staff, Board members and those accessing funding through The Suffolk Brokerage to respect and value diversity and to highlight and challenge any form of discrimination whether that is direct or indirect.

As part of our commitment we aim to: -

  • Value diversity and the individual
  • Ensure that staff and Board members are aware of their obligations to counter and challenge discrimination.
  • Monitor our services against equality targets and performance indicators that may be set internally or by lour funding partners.
  • Ensure that our communication systems meet needs of customers.
  • Operate a zero tolerance policy against all forms of harassment
  • Meet our obligations under relevant legislation and good practice guidance,
  • Ensure that business planning, service delivery and methods of evaluation have a core equality and diversity dimension
  • Ensure that the agendas, culture and structure of meetings take account of the needs of minority groups and that support is given to all members and potential members to enable them to contribute and feel comfortable.
  • Seek partners who share and reflect our equality and diversity values and assist our equality and diversity improvement programmes.
  • Encourage, support and promote service user involvement with The Suffolk Brokerage.
  • Provide information about our services to all potential customers in appropriate formats.
  • Where services are provided by another organisation on our behalf or be commissioned by us, we will ensure that high quality services are provided in accordance with this policy.

We will give staff direction and help promote a culture that values diversity within the workforce.


Complaints Procedure

It is important that those utilising the services of The Suffolk Brokerage have the opportunity to raise issues regarding the workings of The Suffolk Brokerage that give cause for concern. These concerns may take many forms but this procedure deals primarily with those concerns that require a formal response.

It is expected that before using this procedure individuals will have taken steps to raise their concerns via The Suffolk Brokerage Director.

General queries could be addressed through this mechanism where what is required is an answer to a question or a further piece on information.

Where this route has not satisfied the query then the next step would be raise the matter through the Board meetings through questions by representatives or a formal agenda item.


The complaints procedure would be utilised only when those mechanisms outlined above have failed to produce satisfactory responses or where the matter is serious and relates to appropriateness of behaviour of officers, or Directors of The Suffolk Brokerage or financial probity issues.

In these cases the matter should be raised in writing with the Chair of the Board of Directors. The nature of the complaint should be set out clearly with any supporting evidence.

The Chair of the Board should then convene an investigative panel, (within 7 days) which comprises the following members

One provider (from a sector other than that of the Complainant)

One funder (if the complaint is about the use of a particular funding stream then this person should be from another funder)

One member of the Board (who will chair the panel)

One other independent person

The panel will establish the information that they need to investigate the complaint and ensure that information is gathered. Officers of The Suffolk Brokerage should cooperate fully with this process – except where the requirements of the Data Protection Act prohibit the sharing of information. This process should be completed within 28 days.

The panel will then make a recommendation regarding the complaint and communicate that to the complainant and the Chair of the Board.


Should the complainant be unhappy about the outcome of the process they should write to the Chair of the Board setting out their reasons for not being satisfied. (Purely not liking the outcome should not be a reason for a further process). The Chair will then meet with the complainant to establish an appropriate way forward, including time scales and set that in process.

Other Matters

Where the complaint is about the Chair of the Board then the Deputy Chair should follow the above process.  All formal complaints should be reported to the Board giving the nature of the complaint and the outcomes of any investigation.

Adult safeguarding

It is the responsibility of all working or volunteering in the health and social care sector to understand the issues surrounding Adult Safeguarding. This includes how to recognise elder abuse, what to do if you suspect someone is being abused and the latest information on dignity in care and deprivation of liberty.

Suffolk Adult Safeguarding Board provides a website dedicated to this issue and it is recommended that all working in the sector should be aware of it. Please use the link below to access the website:


Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided by PA finder is accurate and given in good faith, based upon the information declared by the Service User in line with current legislation.  The Suffolk Brokerage cannot be held responsible for any loss or liability which may arise from lack of statutory compliance being adhered to on the part of the Service User.

PA finder cannot give any guarantee as to the suitability, quality or accuracy of any information posted.  The accuracy of information remains the sole responsibility of the Service User.

Except where expressly provided in law, The Suffolk Brokerage and Suffolk County Council shall be under no liability whatsoever to Users of the Service.

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