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'Jot' the robot, helping children and young people learn about emotional wellbeing and asthma

'Jot' the friendly robot, is helping children and young people in Suffolk to learn about emotional wellbeing and asthma

Jot the robot's wellbeing tips for children:

Jot the friendly robot is a new character that has been introduced by Sufolk County Council’s Children and Young People’s Engagement Hub Team and JG Mind Doodles, in partnership with NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB), at the start of this year, to help families and primary schools start a conversation about emotional wellbeing with their children and young people.
A series of animated videos of Jot the robot have been created which sees him given tips to children about things they can do to feel better when they are feeling anxious or worried. Each month a new animation of Jot is being released for children to enjoy watching his wellbeing journey with his robot friends. 

Jot the robot helping support children with asthma:

Jot the robot has teamed up with HealthWatch Suffolk to produce new asthma posters to help children know more about asthma - what can make asthma worse, and how they can manage their condition using blue and brown inhalers.

The posters follow Jot and his robot friends taking part in a 'Big Race' and a fun 'snow day'.

To watch Jots animated videos and to download the Jot asthma posters, visit:

www.suffolk.gov.uk/jot and healthwatchsuffolk.co.uk/cypasthma


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