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Youth Groups

We know that the support young people receive from accessing services in local youth groups has a hugely positive impact.

These groups can be based around sport, culture, developing skills, supporting mental health, they can be locality based, or they can be aimed at particular cohorts of young people in a community.

They provide a much needed safe sace for young people to be with other young people, and also to seek guidance and advice from adult volunteer and paid staff working in those youth environments.

Sport clubs

Find out which sport activities are available locally for the young people you support in your area

Your local sports club listings

Duke of Edinburgh Schemes

The Duke of Edinburgh Scheme (DofE)is a well respected programme for young people of secondary age to get involved in.

The Government has committed to expanding the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme so that every secondary school in the country has access to it.

Find out where in Suffolk DofE schemes run so that you can refer and support young people to take part

All Youth Groups in Suffolk

We know that when young people feel safe, are positively engaged in activities that interest them and they are accessible (at a good time for them and in a location they can get to easily), they are more likely to build their confidence, make good choices, and contribute positively.

It could be that in the conversations you have with young people, there’s a gap in knowledge as to what is on offer in Suffolk for them.

Take a look at our listings of youth groups and organisations in Suffolk

To make that easier, we have mapped out what is out there at the moment for 10-19 year olds.

You can search our map by a particular location you or the young people are interested in, or by interest/topic.

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Know of a missing youth activity?

We know things change. Some activities stop, and some new ones emerge in new places, so if you know of other services or activities, please let us know and we will get those details added.
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Uniformed Youth Groups

These local groups can really help young people to build their confidence and increase their skills.
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