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We know how important volunteers are in supporting youth activities in communities.  Without volunteers, many groups wouldn't operate, so they are hugely valued by the young people who attend them.

Are you thinking about how to develop volunteering within your group, or would you like to check you have the right policy and support in place for volunteers?

Community Action Suffolk has a specialist Volunteer Team and resources to help:

Volunteering - Community Action Suffolk 

Contact: volunteering@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk

We’d be keen to talk to you if you would like to involve young people in your project as volunteers.

Are you supporting a young person who is interested in volunteering?

Volunteering can be a beneficial route in to employment for young people.  It gives the opportunity to see what an organisation is like, its culture etc before thinking about applying for a position.  it also gives the organisation an opportunity to see how an individual might fit in, and to help give valuable experience and relevant training to a young person.

The CAS website can help identify current opportunities within Suffolk which may appeal to them.  Alternatively, if there's a particular organisation or charity that the young person is interested in volunteering for, you can support them to make a direct approach.

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